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November Update

Date Author Albert Santoni Tag 1.6, development, library

The last month has been completely insane. We've been busy fixing bugs and not-quite-finished features like there's no tomorrow. Our Subversion repository has seen more than 70 commits (those are generally changes to Mixxx's code) in the last month, and we've still got a few things to finish before the …

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Mixxx 1.6.0 Running on OS X

Date Author Albert Santoni Tag 1.6, 1.6.0, macos

I picked up a Macbook a few days ago after weeks of trying to find a decent laptop. This is good news for Mixxx because it means our OS X maintainer (cough me) now has a Mac at home. :)

Since the last time I compiled Mixxx on OS X, we've …

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File browsing 2.0

Date Author Albert Santoni Tag 1.6, development, library

Cedric coded up something cool yesterday:

Screenshot of Mixxx 1.6.0beta1 file browser

He figured out how to integrate a file browser into our new library table view. Being able to browse directories is useful if you want to load songs that are outside your library (although you can just drag-and-drop them into Mixxx from outside). It's …

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Mixxx 1.5.2 in Ubuntu 7.10

Date Author Albert Santoni Tag 1.5, 1.5.2, linux

Ubuntu Update Manager

Ubuntu 7.10's universe repository now contains a pre-release of Mixxx 1.5.2. This new version fixes several crashes, and should be more stable than 1.5.0. The 1.5.2 binaries for other platforms should follow sometime in the next few weeks (unless we decide to just …

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Google Summer of Code 2007 and Mixxx

Date Author Albert Santoni Tag gsoc, gsoc-2007

For those who aren't familiar with Mixxx, it's a program that allows DJs to do live beatmixing of music. Instead of lugging a pair of turntables and a record crate around, many modern DJs (both amateur and professional) prefer to use a laptop with an external hardware controller instead. Mixxx …

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