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More Mixxx T-Shirts!

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If you've been wanting a Mixxx T-shirt, now is a good time to order since there are a few in stock (9 medium, 4 large, 1 extra-large) so you'll receive these sizes quite quickly if you act fast! Even if we don't have your size in stock (or we run …

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Mixxx T-shirts - ORDER NOW!

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A big thanks to everyone who voted in our T-shirt contest!

A couple people suggested using both designs, and that's what we're going to do! (It makes the shirt more expensive, but we think it's worth it.)

Front Side

Back side

Sizes available:

  • Small (34-36" chest, 27" length)
  • Medium (38-40" chest, 29" length)
  • Large …

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Mixxx T-shirt contest

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OK everyone.

The submissions for the T-shirt contest are below. Unfortunately, it seems most of you are much more interested in buying a shirt rather than designing one, so we have only two entries, only one of which is an original design. That said, it's great design, and so we'd …

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