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Improving our Website

Date Author Jan Holthuis Tag website

Our website is now based on the Pelican instead of the Cactus static site generator. It supports blog posts natively and also supports pagination, archives, author pages and taxonomies likes categories and tags. If you want to browse older news articles, using Pelican will make our website more easy to …

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New in 2.3: Colorize your Tracks!

Date Author Jan Holthuis Tag 2.3, library

As a DJ your most important job is to find and cue the track you're going to play next to make the crowd go wild. In Mixxx 2.2 you already had plenty of options to organize and add information to the tracks in your library to make this task …

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New in 2.3: Color your Hotcues

Date Author Jan Holthuis Tag raspberry pi

Hotcues are a neat thing and one of the major benefits of digital DJing. On analogue vinyl decks, you had had to put stickers to mark the different sections of a song and physically pick up, move and drop the needle to move to it. With the move to digital …

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New in 2.3: Build Mixxx with CMake

Date Author Jan Holthuis Tag 2.3, cmake

Starting with Mixxx 2.3, we're introducing experimental support for CMake. This will probably be more interesting for people who are either compiling Mixxx themselves or going hack on its code base than for regular users, but it will make the build process more straightforward in the future.

Mixxx has …

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Website Redesign

Date Author Jan Holthuis Tag website

As you probably already noticed we facelifted our Website, gave it a more modern look and cleaned up the code. We will continue to update and improve its contents in the next weeks in joyful anticipation of the soon-to-be-released Mixxx 2.3 beta version.

Stay tuned!

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You don't need to pay for Mixxx!

Date Author Jan Holthuis Tag license, contribute

Over the past few years there have been multiple instances of sellers that distribute paid boxed versions of Mixxx on eBay and Amazon. While it's not illegal to do this per se, we are not affiliated with these sellers and neither earn money from this nor endorse this in any …

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