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Are you a creative Mixxx enthusiast? Would you like volunteer with the project, but don't know how to code? If so, we might have found the role for you - We are officially looking for a Mixxx Community Coordinator .

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As the Mixxx community grows, we're finding that we're spending more and more time on administrative tasks and less time writing code. We've got cool ideas for stuff to do with our community, but we don't have time to do them [and]{style="font-style:italic;"} keep pushing development forwards at the same time. A community coordinator will help fill a growing niche in our development team and will be a great benefit to the project.

Our community coordinator will have many responsibilities, including moderating the forums, writing blog and news posts, and will also hold the cherished title of Mixxx Chocolatier*. We're looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic individual with a passion for DJing (and excellent English language skills) to fill this position. Any experience with forums and HTML is a plus.

If you think you'd be a good candidate and you'd like to be our community coordinator, please contact Adam or Albert and tell us a bit about yourself. Due to the importance of the responsibilities involved, we'll be following up with interviews for potential candidates.

As Mixxx continues to grow, more opportunities for more volunteers to help out without coding will continue to arise. We've seen tremendous growth since our 1.6.0 release, and there's no signs of slowing down. Getting involved with an open source project also looks good on your resumé or CV , and it can help demonstrate the diversity and flexibility of your background. 2009 will be a great year for Mixxx, and we're looking forward to hearing from interested volunteers!

More on the chocolatier front will come as we fill this position.

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