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New in 2.3: Color your Hotcues

Posted on by Jan Holthuis (@Holzhaus)

Hotcues are a neat thing and one of the major benefits of digital DJing. On analogue vinyl decks, you had had to put stickers to mark the different sections of a song and physically pick up, move and drop the needle to move to it. With the move to digital ...

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Guest Article: DJ on the fly with Mixxx and Raspberry Pi

Posted on by dennis

One of the things that make Mixxx special is that it works on more platforms that just Windows or macOS. Thanks to Mixxx being open-source, it's possible to create "unusual" setups that the developers didn't expect - for example by running it on a low-cost Raspberry Pi single board computer ...

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GSoC 2020: Adding Experimental Meter Detection

Posted on by Cristiano Lacerda

One of the parts where Mixxx is lacking is how it handles time signatures and downbeats. Currently, Mixxx only has individual beats but has no support for detecting or displaying additional information about the rhythm. This is going to change during this year's Google Summer of Code (GSoC), because we ...

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