Community Support

Wiki / FAQ

The Mixxx Wiki and FAQ are the best places to start for documentation and support. They contain useful documentation for both users and developers.

User Manual

The Mixxx Manual provides an overview of Mixxx's user interface, information about configuration and hardware, and much more. It also contains useful information for beginners under DJing with Mixxx.

Community Forums

Have a Mixxx-related question? Something other DJs can help you with? Ask in the Mixxx Community Forums.

Developer Mailing List

The mixxx-devel developer mailing list (SourceForge and Gmane archives) is the primary means of developer communication. The mailing list is where the Mixxx team discusses upcoming changes and programming related stuff.

IRC Channel

The Mixxx IRC channel (#mixxx on Freenode) can be used for support too. If you don't need support, the IRC channel is still a fun place to hang out with the developers and meet some fellow DJs. Click here to chat via a web client.

Bug Tracker

Please report any bugs you find to our Bug Tracker. The bug tracker gives us a centralized place to pool our information on bugs, and prevents us from getting disorganized and forgetting about them.