Mixxx Privacy Policy


Mixxx is a non-profit project managed by volunteers.

There is no business model around Mixxx, and the only revenue we receive is through donations.

For privacy policies and conformance to GDPR, a few distinctions will be made between:

  1. Mixxx application
  2. Main Mixxx website
  3. Community Mixxx websites

1. Mixxx Application

The Mixxx application doesn't require or use any kind of user account, nor does it collect any user data when being used, nor does it use any kind of telemetry.

However, some limited personal information could be collected or shared in 4 precise cases:

  • for metadata retrieval
  • during broadcasting
  • during the crash report process
  • during automatic updates process

Mixxx Metadata Requests

The Mixxx application can use the 3rd party MusicBrainz online service to collect metadata associated to your media.

These requests contain information about audio files on your computer, which is the AcoustID, artist, title and album. For this service, please refer their Privacy Policy here: https://metabrainz.org/privacy

A further option is the 'Find On Web' menu, which opens a 3rd party website in your web browser, using only the metadata listed in the particula sub-menu as search key. Currently Mixxx supports web searches on the following 3rd party websites:


If you use the broadcasting feature of the Mixxx application, you need to enter login data of a third party Soundcast/Icecast server. Mixxx itself doesn't offer such a service. If used, the live audio stream as well as metadata of the played tracks is sent to these servers by the Mixxx application.

Mixxx Crash Reporting

The Mixxx application itself neither collects crash reports nor shares them.

Crash reports may be handled by the vendors of each platform (e.g., through the Windows Error Reporting feature). Please refer to those platforms for information about the privacy policies. Depending on the platform, Mixxx core developers have access to these reports, which usually contain:

  • Operating System version
  • CPU and GPU
  • Symbolic StackTrace of the process
  • List of DLLs loaded by the process

None of these data is stored on Mixxx servers. In addition Mixxx writes a mixxx.log file which contains entries that may expose personal data. In a support case we may ask to share this file in public. This is a manual process during which you may obfuscate sensitive date before sharing.

Mixxx Update Mechanism

The Mixxx application itself doesn't provide an update mechanism.

In case updates are handled by the platform stores the user has downloaded Mixxx from, please refer to those platforms for information about the privacy policies.

2. Main Mixxx Website

The main website of Mixxx, which can be accessed via the mixxx.org domain, does not create or use any user account. The Mixxx main page does not use cookies or similar tracking methods. Therefore, no personal information is stored at any moment by Mixxx.

3. Mixxx Community Websites

The Mixxx community websites are related to development and community, and are the following:

  • GitHub (Code, Issue Tracking, Wiki)
  • Discourse Forum
  • Zulip Chat

Each of those websites have different users systems. In order to participate users need to create a login, share some personal data and accept cookies. Refer the privacy statements of these sites for details:

Contact Us

In case of privacy related question or requests, you can contact the Mixxx Development Team here: Contact Page

Last updated: 8 July 2023