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Mixxx with the Stanton SCS.3d and SCS.1m

Date Author Albert Santoni Tag hardware, video

Sean Pappalardo's been busy again, this time working on support for the Stanton SCS.1m and improving our existing support for the SCS.3d. In this first video, Sean explains some of the neat features he's coded like fader-start, real-time feedback using the SCS.1m LED digit displays, and lots …

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Scratching with Mixxx 1.6.0

Date Author Albert Santoni Tag 1.6, 1.6.0, video, hardware

This latest video of Mixxx 1.6.0 in action demonstrates what scratching sounds like with vinyl control. In the video, I'm scratching with a Serato record on my Stanton T.80 turntable, and using my M-Audio X-Session Pro MIDI controller as a virtual mixer. I changed Mixxx's crossfader curve …

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MixxxScript - A Sneaky Feature Preview

Date Author Adam Davison Tag development, hardware

Although we're technically in the beta part of the release cycle, we've still been spending some time on features for future releases. I've been working on adding a macro/scripting style environment to Mixxx which would allow users to extend Mixxx without the work of recompiling. Here's a screenshot of …

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