Mixxx 2.3.6 released

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Welcome the Mixxx release version 2.3.6, the final maintenance release before releasing the upcoming 2.4.0 with exiting new features.

This small bug fix release may appear insignificant, but it's a testament to the rock-solid quality we bring to every user to ensure a reliable mixing experience.

This release improves, among other things, some details with looping, allows playing tracks exceeding 6 hours and fixes rare crashes in exceptional situations.

You can download the new version from the Download page. There, you will also find the 2.4 beta to test the new features that will be released soon.

Here is the full changelog of Mixxx 2.3.6 for more details:

  • Fixed possible crash when closing Mixxx while browsing the file system #11593 #11589
  • No longer stop a track with an active loop at the very end #11558 #11557
  • Fixed resyncing when moving an active loop #11152 #11381
  • Allow true gapless playback when repeating full tracks #11532 #9842 #11704
  • Rhythmbox: Fixed bulk track imports from playlists #11661
  • Console log spam reduced #11690 #11691
  • Numark DJ2GO2 Touch: Add missing loop_out mapping for the right deck #11595 #11659
  • Shade: Fixed VU-Meter and other minor issues #11598
  • Fixed a rare crash when disabling quantize form a controller #11744 #11709
  • Controller Preferences: Avoid scrollbars in I/O tabs if Info tab exceeds page height #11756
  • Broadcast: Improved error message in case of timeout #11775
  • Handle setting loop_in and loop_out to the same position #11771 #10600
  • Fix build issues with Protobuf v23.4 and with clang 32 #11751 #11765 #11762
  • Disable GL VU-Meters on Windows by default. They can be re-enabled via the command line option --enableVuMeterGL. #11787 #11785 #11789
  • Library preferences: Uncheck Serato metadata export when file metadata export is unchecked #11782 #11226
  • Denon MC6000MK2: Delete mapping for master gain #11792
  • Improve output in case of some failed file system operations #11783
  • Fix overlapping buffers when decoding M4A files using FFmpeg before 4.4 #11760 #11545
  • Don't reject key values from file metadata with non-minor/-major scales. #11001 #10995
  • Allow playing tracks with durations of more than 6 hours #11511 #11504
  • Update latency compensation for Soundtouch version 2.1.1 to 2.3 #11154
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