Mixxx 2.3.3 released

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Its that time again!
Almost a year after the release of 2.3.0 we're bringing you the next bugfix release Mixxx 2.3.3.

This release features - you guessed it - various bugfixes and improvements: But since we're not your run-off-the-mill mobile app, we'll get a bit into detail:

A bunch of controller mappings have received various improvements, such as the Pioneer DDJ-SB3, the NI Traktor S3, Behringer DDM4000 and Denon MC7000. We've also addressed some long-standing bugs in our controller engine and the Auto DJ, smoothed out the preference dialog and fixed a bunch of possibly show-stopping bugs. 😬 😌

As usual, we recommend you update to the newest stable version by visiting our download page

If you are interested in the detailed CHANGELOG, here you go 😉:


  • Pioneer DDJ-SB3: Fix controller breaking when releasing the shift button #4659
  • Traktor S3: Push two deck switches to explicitly clone decks #4665 #4671 lp:1960680
  • Behringer DDM4000: Improve stability and add soft-takeover for encoder knobs #4318 #4799
  • Denon MC7000: Fix 'inverted shift' bug in the controller mapping #4755
  • Fix spinback and break effect in the controller engine #4708
  • Fix scratch on first wheel touch #4761 lp:1800343
  • Preferences: Prevent controller settings being treated as changed even though they were not #4721 lp:1920844
  • Fix rare crash when closing the progress dialog #4695
  • Prevent preferences dialog from going out of screen #4613
  • Fix undesired jump-cuts in Auto DJ #4693 lp:1948975 lp:1893197
  • Fix bug that caused Auto DJ to stop playback after some time #4698 lp:1893197 lp:1961970
  • Do not reset crossfader when Auto DJ is deactivated #4714 lp:1965298
  • Change the minimum Auto DJ transition time to -99 #4768 lp:1975552
  • Samplers, crates, playlists: fix storing import/export paths #4699 lp:1964508
  • Library: keep hidden tracks in history #4725
  • Broadcasting: allow multiple connections to same mount if only one is enabled #4750 lp:1972813
  • Fix a rare mouse vanish bug when controlling knobs #4744 lp:1130794 lp:1969278
  • Restore keylock from configuration and fix pitch ratio rounding issue #4756 lp:1943180
  • Improve CSV export of playlists and crates and fix empty rating column #4762
  • Fix passthrough-related crash in waveform code #4789 #4791 lp:1959489 lp:1977662
  • Passthrough: stop rendering waveforms and disable Cue/Play indicators 4793
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