Projects Announced for GSoC 2022

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Google has accepted two contributor's projects for Mixxx as part of their Google Summer of Code (GSoC). GSoC is a stipend program that allows new contributors to work Mixxx on their own ~175 hours or ~350 hours project.

This year Fatih Emre YILDIZ and David Chocholatý have been successful with their applications. Congratulations!

David Chocholatý will implement a pitch shift and auto-tune effect, that will allow you to get creative with loops and samples for example by altering the pitch or even play melodies.

Fatih Emre YILDIZ will add a track suggestion feature that fetches track suggestions from online sources. This information can then be used to make the random track selection in Auto Dj more reasonable or help the DJ to keep the crowd dancing even if he is out of ideas for a follow-up track.

We will discuss the project details in our public Zulip so that anyone can follow their progress.

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