Russia's invasion of Ukraine

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On 2022-02-24 we received horrible news from Ukraine, which has become even worse since then. As an organization committed to freedom we feel the urge speak up and show solidarity with Ukraine.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is unjustified and has already been condemned by the UN as a violation of international law. The attack creates endless suffering not only for the men, women and children of Ukraine but also for the many Russian soldiers who are sent into a senseless war that they do not want, do not understand and are not even allowed to call as such.

Mixxx and the FOSS movement respect user freedom and stand for freedom in other ways as well, including freedom of speech and worldwide peaceful cooperation. As an expression of solidarity, we propose to include tracks by Ukrainian artists, Russian activists or anti-war tracks in general in our DJ sets. Although we are not able to stop this war, and we are not under the illusion that music alone will put an end to the suffering, however we think it is important to make our voices heard and support the various local or international efforts to help Ukrainians as much as we can.

Here for instance three suitable tracks:

  1. Бетон - Kyiv Calling
  2. Океан Ельзи - Не твоя війна (Not your war)
  3. PROBASS ∆ HARDI - ДОБРОГО ВЕЧОРА (Where are you from?)

In case you cannot access them, please contact us on Zulip

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