About my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ: Week 11 progress

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This is the eleventh weekly progress report of my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ.

This week:

  • I successfully added rekordbox (and its icon) to the list of supported libraries in this pull request that I opened a long while ago – I was documenting the rekordbox library import.
  • I also started a LinkedIn company page for Mixxx, on the suggestion of my mentor. I think it will be a great way to get Mixxx to reach an even wider audience. Here is the link to the page.
  • I learned something new this week! I learned how to use rsync and OpenSSH inside the cygwin command-line environment to send files from one computer to another. The learning curve was slightly steep but I finally got the hang of it. I sent the YouTube Mixxx tutorials that I have made so far through the cygwin command-line to my mentor, Owen.
  • I added more documentation to the track/library analysis section in the manual. The manual did not define what analysis does and why it is important, so I felt like it could easily be overlooked – especially by new users. I added some information about why users should do it in advance and what happens if they don’t. I opened a pull request here.
  • I didn't get to make the video introducing Mixxx to the first time user last week…a tutorial guided by chapter 4 of the manual. So will be doing that this week.
  • I will continue working on pull request #330. I am taking a step by step instruction approach with documenting deck cloning in the cookbook. I hope to have made some progress with this pull request this week.
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