About my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ: Week 9 progress

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This is the ninth weekly progress report of my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ.

This week:

  • I made a pull request #203 for this issue that I had filed to correct the broken link to Paul Bloch of open Artist (creator of the Mixxx logo).
  • I recorded the video tutorial about the Mixxx communities, following the script that I wrote the week before last. I got feedback for it from my mentor, and I need to do some editing. I will be editing and uploading this video next week, after getting feedback from the community on Zulip.
  • Following the discussion on GitHub for issue 335, I have rearranged the Live Broadcasting – Start your own Internet radio chapter – mostly just headings. I made a pull request for it here.
  • Next week, I will be writing a script for the next video tutorial that I will be making (yet to decide which one but most likely it will be a 5-minute in-depth video about mixing (once the program is set up). I have homework to do with this one, considering the fact that I’m not a pro with mixing, but I look forward to the challenge.😅😅
  • Once I have done my homework and written the script, I will record the video, send the first cut to my mentor for feedback before I re-record or edit the final video. Just like I did for the Mixxx communities video.
  • I also realise that I need to do my homework on the cookbook. (See comment on cookbook chapter). I need to choose topics that will not conflict with the DJing with Mixxx chapter. Some of the topics that I had chosen earlier were similar…. with the content in this chapter. This will be my assignment this week.
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