About my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ: Week 8 progress

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This is the eighth weekly progress report of my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ.

This week:

  • Has been a little bit slow, to be honest. Internet speeds are much slower now because of all the Virtual Private connections that have now become the new normal.
  • I wrote a script for the In-depth video tutorial about the Mixxx communities; the forum on discourse, Zulip chat, Mixxx' social media platforms - Facebook and Twitter, filing a bug report in the Mixxx launchpad, and then finally how to contribute to any of the Mixxx projects on GitHub. Submitted it to my mentor, in case I needed to make any adjustments, which I did.
  • I was going through past articles on the Mixxx website when I came across this one about a minor website revamp and the creation of the current Mixxx website logo. I noticed that the link to Paul Bloch of Open Artist was broken so I opened an issue for this in the website repo here.
  • Next week, I will record the YouTube tutorial about the Mixxx communities, following the script that I wrote this week.
  • Following the article that I published this week about the current internet censorship situation in Uganda, I will be contributing to a section in the Outreachy internship guide that will help future interns who might find themselves in a similar situation, navigate internet censorship in their own countries. A draft pull request has been opened by Sage Sharp here.

Outreachy wants to help future interns circumvent internet censorship

  • So in addition to next week’s tasks, I will contributing to this pull request as well.
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