About my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ: Week 5 progress

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This is the fifth weekly progress report of my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ.

This week:

  • I finished working on moving “deck cloning” to the cookbook chapter BUT this pull request raised the question about how it differs from the “DJing with Mixxx” chapter. It seems that there is sufficient overlap to merge the two….
  • I also finally finished moving all my past Outreachy blog posts to the website repo.
  • I couldn’t go ahead with moving “DJing with Mixxx” to the cookbook because I have to first figure out how the two chapters differ, and thus make the content differentiable. In any case, one of this week’s tasks is to clean up this same chapter. There is a lot of stuff mentioned in it and I received suggestions from some of the contributors to look at it with the eyes of a beginner. In other words, after the introduction, what are the most important aspects the manual should mention first, besides pointing to Preferences > Recording? What topics are most requested for by users? Can the sub-topics be re-ordered in that format?
  • I also helped finish up a pull request opened up by one of the applicants from the Outreachy contribution phase. It hadn’t been worked on in a long time and I thought I would help. It was about finding a reasonable order for chapters in 3.2. The Mixer Section. This pull request is yet to be reviewed. While working on this PR, I learned that even though you want to make a correction as little as a spelling mistake, you can’t push to other people’s repositories without them giving you write permission to their repo. 😊
  • Finally, I worked on issue #320 – Adding Screenshot of FX routing to effects documentation. The effect routing buttons are easy to overlook so I added a screenshot of the effect unit buttons located in the deck section of the skin to the manual, to make it more obvious. Here is a forum thread where a user overlooked the FX routing buttons: Effect rack 1 doesn't work for deck 1 . I opened a pull request for this here.
  • This week I will focus on working on the two chapters “DJing with Mixxx” and the “Cookbook”. The cookbook is my major internship project – so I think this will be a constant for the entire internship 😄. I will pick up on another open issue to work on as well, and then record a video tutorial – for real this time.
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