About my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ: Week 4 progress

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This is the fourth of many weekly progress reports that I will be publishing for the duration of my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ.

This week:

  • Last week, I mentioned that I was working on the cookbook chapter. I opened a GitHub issue for it here. I moved documentation about deck cloning that I found in this article to a new chapter of the manual that I called the cookbook. I opened a pull request for it here . I still have a couple of requested changes to make on it before it can get merged. I’m thinking that will be this week.
  • I also mentioned in my previous blog post that I would be moving all my blog posts about my internship experience with Outreachy to the Mixxx website repository. I did that too. I opened a pull request for that here. Just like the first, I still have a lot of changes to make (as requested) before it can get merged. I’m happy that I get to contribute to not just the Mixxx manual, but the website as well.☺
  • Christmas day was on Friday. So I took some time off to spend with family from the 25th – 27th. I didn’t do a lot of work on these two and half days.
  • This week, I plan to finish up on the above two pull requests. And then move onto moving the chapter “DJing with Mixxx” to the cookbook.I planned to do this last week, but I didn’t get around to doing so.. This task will be moved to this week.
  • I also plan to get/ create more content that I can add to the cookbook chapter…
  • …and then pick an open GitHub issue that I can work on this week.
  • I am not making Mixxx video tutorials as often as I hoped to. I think it’s because I am spending more time improving the Mixxx manual and contributing to the website repo – which is also okay. But this week, I should try to deliver on those promises that I made about making better Getting Started videos.
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