About my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ: Week 2 progress

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This is the second of many weekly progress reports that I will be publishing for the duration of my Outreachy internship with Mixxx DJ.

This week:

  • I made a pull request #322 in response to issue #157. I added missing documentation about importing rekordbox libraries from rekordbox prepared devices into Mixxx. This is still in review.
  • I made my first YouTube Mixxx tutorial titled “Getting Started”. I posted the video in the chat, and got feedback from some of the other contributors. I plan to record another video, and make some adjustments this time (based on the feedback that I got from the first.)
  • Currently working on issue #289 – which is moving the Standard effects mapping documentation to the manual.
  • I lost a day of work to correcting git errors while making the pull request #322.
  • I lost a day or two as well to re-recording the video tutorial and editing. I had recorded my voice and my computer screen at the same time, but that wasn’t working out too well. I later on decided to record my screen and voice separately and then merge the two in the final video.
  • So this week, I plan to make another recording for “Getting Started with Mixxx DJ” with the suggested edits and then make a PR for issue #289 and issue #320. I will also finalize the list of recipes to publish for the cookbook.
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