Announcing our Google Summer of Code Projects 2020

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Mixxx is participating in this year's Google Summer of Code (GSoC), an opportunity for students to work on Mixxx full-time as a 3-month summer project and receive a stipend from Google.

For this year's Google Summer of Code, Mixx has been granted 3 slots that will be filled by students from 3 different continents: Harshit Maurya from India, Cristiano Lacerda from Brazil and Janek Fischer from Germany. Congratulations!

Harshit and Cristiano will be working on making a new beatgrid format that marks bars, meter, and phrases.

Cristiano will focus on implementing autodetection of this information from audio files. This DSP- and research-heavy project will mentored by Daniel Schürmann.

Harshit will focus on creating the user interface for viewing and editing the beatgrid and using this information in other Mixxx features like waveforms, loops, beatjumps and quantization. Uwe Klotz will be his primary mentor.

Janek will be working on a macro recording feature inspired by Serato Flip to record custom edits in Mixxx without altering the audio files. His project will be mentored by Jan Holthuis.

We're going to do things a bit differently for GSoC this year than we have in the past. Before, mentors have had a lot of private one-on-one communication with students. This year we'll be encouraging students to discuss their work more publicly so the whole community is involved throughout their projects.

Thus, if you're interested in these projects check our Zulip chat for discussions and progress reports.

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