Mixxx 2.1.2 released

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Hello, Mixxxers. We're happy to announce our latest bug fix release of 2.1.2. Here's a summary of what has changed:

  • Allow maximum deck speed of 4x normal
  • Don't always quantize hotcues, a 2.1.1 regression, bug #1777429
  • Fix artifacts using more than 32 samplers, bug #1779559
  • Store No EQ and Filter persistently, bug #1780479
  • Pad unreadable samples with silence on cache miss, bug #1777480
  • Fixing painting of preview column for Qt5 builds, bug #1776555
  • Fix sampler play button tool tips, bug #1779468
  • LateNight skin: Fix play button right click, bug #1781829
  • LateNight skin: Added missing sort up/down buttons
  • Shade skin: remove superfluid margins and padding in sampler.xml, bug #1773588
  • Deere skin: Fix background-color code
  • ITunes: Don't stop import in case of duplicated Playlists, bug #1783493

If you encounter any problems, please report at https://bugs.launchpad.net/mixxx/+filebug.
We are also of course working towards Mixxx 2.2.0 which will include new features and be built on QT 5. We can always use more help with programming, testing, documentation, translations and so on, so please get involved!

Until next time, have fun!

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