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Mixxx #1 Free App in Mac App Store

How are you doing up there, Angry Birds?

In less than 48 hours since we went live, Mixxx has become the #1 Top Free App in the USA, Germany, and Italy. We're also one of the top 3 Apps in Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, and the UK.

We're completely overwhelmed by the response - I don't think anyone saw this coming. We wanted to be in the Mac App Store to reach more users, and now we're reaching far more than we ever expected!

I'd like to thank our entire community of DJs, artists, and developers for their dedication and cooperation that have brought Mixxx this far. Without the devotion of many individuals, Mixxx would not be the software it is today.

Feed a Hungry Mixxx Developer

As a shameless plug, I'm finishing my degree next month and I'm looking for a job! I'm interested in pursuing a career in game development or live performance audio software. If you know someone who needs a C++ programmer with several years of experience with Qt or real-time audio, please let me know!

"honestly, this is perhaps the BEST app that is currently available for free... if you enjoy music, this is a MUST!" - VBkappasig

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