PPC Support Problems for Mixxx 1.6.0

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We've got some bad news about the Mac PPC version of 1.6.0 . Due to a "communication error", I thought we had someone building a PPC release and it turns out that person was actually doing something completely different. Unfortunately, I also promised erroneously to some people on the forums that it would be ready very soon.

So the situation is this, it seems that building a PPC release is beyond our available resources currently, as few of our current developers have access to such hardware. As such, we are urgently seeking someone to fill the role of PPC packager for Mixxx, this person will need access to a PPC Mac, some expertise in building software on it and some spare time. We will support this person to the best of our ability and they will be recognised as an official member of the development team on our website. We may also be able to pay in Mixxx branded t-shirts or mousemats. :)

If anyone is interested in this, please contact us using any of the usual methods.

So again, apologies to all those PPC Mac users out there who were misled, this was an honest mistake and we feel quite bad. Hopefully we will have a PPC release for you soon.



Update: We've had several volunteers come forward, and we're working with them to get a PPC build working. How long this will take depends on how much time the volunteers have, so I don't a package very soon, but at least the gears are turning now. :) Thanks for your help!

Adam Davison
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