Mixxx 1.6.0 Running on OS X

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I picked up a Macbook a few days ago after weeks of trying to find a decent laptop. This is good news for Mixxx because it means our OS X maintainer (cough me) now has a Mac at home. :)

Since the last time I compiled Mixxx on OS X, we've done a tremendous amount of work to port the project to Qt4. Because of all the changes, I needed to give our SCONS build files an update in order to make Mixxx 1.6.0 build properly on OS X. After a few hours of tweaking away, I got it compiling, linking, and running (don't take that for granted):

Mixxx running on OS X

In the long run, hopefully we'll be able to better tackle OS X-only bugs. Despite this screenshot, we're still a ways off from the 1.6.0 beta release. We've got a fair number of bugs to fix in the meantime before anything is releasable.

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