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Vestax VCI-300 DJ Controller

Image © Vestax

The VCI-300 is a dedicated USB MIDI controller. It also comes with a built in audio interface with standard 4-in/4-out and headphone connection, which means all you need for DJing is the VCI-300, a laptop and a set of headphones.

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In depth-review:

Differences VCI-300 to VCI-300MKII

In 2010 Vestax made changes to the original VCI-300 that improved the controller. AFAIK there were no changes in the Midi mapping.

  1. Volume Boost (Gain Boost)
    • Higher output gain level and headphone volume level when supplying power with the optional power adaptor.
    • Important Note: Optional power supply DC-7 must be used in order to get the boost on the headphones and Master output. Without the power supply the MKII will perform just like the original VCI-300. Also, using the DC-7 on the original VCI-300 will do nothing.
  2. Optional Vestax Digital Fader (not included)
    • The VCI-300MKII Cross fader can be upgraded to Vestax's new magnetic sensor system digital fader CF-X2.
  3. New Direct Audio Thru
    • Audio fed to the MIC/AUX input can now be directly sent to the Master outputs with the THRU switch turned ON, minimizing latency of when fed through ITCH.
  4. New adjust knobs for the JOG sensor control
    • New JOG sensor adjust knobs for speedy and accurate adjustments.the VCI-300MKII's JOG wheels have excellent tracking ability,and flexibility for various play styles.You can control songs with analog precision.
  5. New Mini Head-Phone Jack
    • 1/8 inch headphone connection along with standard 1/4 inch connection.

Vestax VCI-300 Midi mapping for Mixxx

Mixxx 1.10 currently does not support the VCI-300 out of the box . However there are ongoing efforts to get it working, check the Mixxx forum for more informations: The mapping for Mixxx should closely resemble the original ( see MIDI table below) to make transition to Mixxx easier.

Vestax VCI-300 Midi map

Image © Vestax

01 A Control Change 1 0x0D + 0x2D none PITCH SLIDER Adjusts playback speed.
B Control Change 1 0x13 + 0x33 none
02 A Note on 1 0x29 0x25 AUTOTEMPO Turns on auto tempo, this automatically matches the speed of the track to the other playing track.
B Note on 1 0x3C 0x39
SHIFT FUNCTION: BEATSYNC Automatically aligns the last transient in the track with the closest one in the other playing track.
03 A Note on 1 0x26 0x24 KEYLOCK Engages Keylock. This keeps the key of a track the same even when you change the tempo.
B Note on 1 0x39 0x33
SHIFT FUNCTION: QUARTZ LOCK Resets the pitch of the track to zero regardless of the slider setting.
04 A Note on 1 0x27 0x3B PITCH SHIFT DOWN ▲ Offsets the pitch range by 12%, for example when pitch shifted one step up your available speeds become 6% to 18%.Pressing both buttons at once return you to normal pitch range of ± 6%.
A Note on 1 0x28 0x3C PITCH SHIFT UP ▼
B Note on 1 0x3A 0x3D PITCH SHIFT DOWN ▲
B Note on 1 0x3B 0x3E PITCH SHIFT UP ▼
05 A Note on 1 0x2A RED=0x41 Orange=0x41+0x47 GREEN=0x47 CUE/IN 1 Pressing these buttons will set cue points 1-3, pressing them again will begin playback from the relevant cue point.
A Note on 1 0x2B ORANGE=0x43 LIME=0x43+0x49 GREEN=0x49 CUE/IN 2
A Note on 1 0x2C BLUE=0x45 CYAN=0x45+0x4B GREEN=0x4B CUE/IN 3
A Note on 1 0x2E RED=0x42 Orange=0x42+0x48 GREEN=0x48 OUT 1/LOOP
A Note on 1 0x2F ORANGE=0x44 LIME=0x44+0x4A GREEN=0x4A OUT 2/LOOP
A Note on 1 0x30 BLUE=0x46 CYAN=0x46+0x4C GREEN=0x4C OUT 3/LOOP
B Note on 1 0x3D RED=0x4D Orange=0x4D+0x53 GREEN=0x53 CUE/IN 1
B Note on 1 0x3E ORANGE=0x4F LIME=0x4F+0x55 GREEN=0x55 CUE/IN 2
B Note on 1 0x3F BLUE=0x51 CYAN=0x51+0x57 GREEN=0x57 CUE/IN 3
B Note on 1 0x41 RED=0x4E Orange=0x4E+0x54 GREEN=0x54 OUT 1/LOOP
B Note on 1 0x42 ORANGE=0x50 LIME=0x50+0x56 GREEN=0x56 OUT 2/LOOP
B Note on 1 0x43 BLUE=0x52 CYAN=0x52+0x58 GREEN=0x58 OUT 3/LOOP
SHIFT FUNCTION: DELETE CUE Deletes the current cue point setting.
06 A Note on 1 0x2D 0x26 SCRATCH Puts the platter into “Scratch” mode which allows vinyl style playback control.
B Note on 1 0x40 0x38
07 A Note on 1 OUT/LOOP When you have a cue point set this will create a loop out point. Playback will loop between the cue point and the outpoint until you press the out button a second time.
SHIFT FUNCTION: DELETE OUT POINT Deletes the current out point setting.
08 A Note on 1 0x31 0x27 SHIFT Holding shift engages shift functions of many of the buttons, secondary functions are printed inside a grey box.
B Note on 1 0x44 0x37
09 A Note on 1 0x0E none TRIM This controls the volume of the track before it goes to the EQ and fader.
B Note on 1 0x14 none
10 A Note on 1 0x32 0x28 CENSOR Pressing censor reverses playback temporarily, when released playback resumes from where the playhead would have been if censor was not pressed. It is used to “censor” out portions of a song.
B Note on 1 0x45 0x34
SHIFT FUNCTION: REVERSE Toggles playback direction.
11 A Note on 1 0x33 0x29 AUTOLOOP Autoloop works for tracks that have BPM calculated and when pressed will create an autoloop of the current autoloop value.
B Note on 1 0x46 0x35
12 A Control Change 1 0x0F none EQ HIGH Adjust the gain of the high EQ filter.
A Control Change 1 0x10 none EQ MID Adjust the gain of the mid EQ filter.
A Control Change 1 0x11 none EQ LOW Adjust the gain of the low EQ filter.
B Control Change 1 0x15 none EQ HIGH
B Control Change 1 0x16 none EQ MID
B Control Change 1 0x17 none EQ LOW
13 A Note on 1 0x34 0x2A HALF These buttons set the auto loop length before you turn it on. Once autoloop is on they allow you to half or double the length of the loop.
A Note on 1 0x35 0x2B DOUBLE These buttons set the auto loop length before you turn it on. Once autoloop is on they allow you to half or double the length of the loop.
B Note on 1 0x47 0x32 HALF
B Note on 1 0x48 0x36 DOUBLE
SHIFT FUNCTION: NEXT/PREV Skip to the next or previous track in the current selection.
14 none none none none MASTER LEVEL This knob controls the overall output of the VCI-300, ensure this is right down before running the software.
15 Control Change 1 0x19 none MONITOR SELECT Controls the balance in the headphones between the mix output and the PFL headphone cue
16 none none none none MONITOR VOLUME Controls the volume of the headphones.
17 A Note on 1 0x24 0x71 CUE When playback is paused this sets a temp cue point, once the temp cue is set pressing it while playing will jump to the temp cue point.
B Note on 1 0x37 0x73
18 A Note on 1 0x25 0x72 PLAY/PAUSE Starts and stops playback.
B Note on 1 0x38 0x74
19 Control Change 1 0x18 none CROSSFADER Fades between the left and right channels.
20 A Control Change 1 0x0C none INPUT FADERS Control the volume of their respective tracks.
B Control Change 1 0x12 none
21 A Note on 1 0x36 0x2D PFL A Sends the left deck to the headphone mix, pressing with SCROLL loads the current selection to the left deck.
23 B Note on 1 0x49 0x31 PFL B Sends the right deck to the headphone mix, pressing with SCROLL loads the current selection to the right deck.
22 Note on 1 0x52 0x2F SCROLL Turns on platter scrolling, this allows you to browse the library using the platters.
24 Note on 1 0x4D none NAVIGATION UP This control works like cursor keys for navigating the library.
Note on 1 0x4E none NAVIGATION DOWN
Note on 1 0x4F none NAVIGATION BACK
Note on 1 0x50 none NAVIGATION FWD
Note on 1 0x51 none NAVIGATION TAB
25 A Control Change 1 0x1C + 0x3C 0x75 PLATTER Move
B Control Change 1 0x1D + 0x3D 0x77 PLATTER Move
A Note on 1 0x53 0x76 PLATTER TOUCH On startup the platters temporarily NUDGE the playback speed slower or faster.
B Note on 1 0x54 0x78 PLATTER TOUCH
SHIFT FUNCTION: FFWD/REWIND Skips through the track at high speed.
26 Note on 1 0x4A 0x2C CRATES Switches cursor focus to the crate area.
27 Note on 1 0x4B 0x2E FILES Opens the Import panel where you can browse your filesystem for tracks to load.
28 Note on 1 0x4C 0x30 BROWSE Opens the Browse panel where you can filter your selection by Genre, BPM, Artist and Album.
29 A Note on 1 none Red=0x59-0x5B Green=0x5C-0x64 OUTPUT LEVEL METER Output level indication (12 LED`s per channel, 1-3=red & 4-12=green)
B Note on 1 none Red=0x65-0x67 Green=0x70-0x68 OUTPUT LEVEL METER
NN Note on 1 none 0x1A C.F.Curve Adjusts slope of Crossfader. Rotate clockwise to shorten fade time with sharper cut off at either end, and 50/50 mix across width of fader. Rotate anti-clockwise to lengthen fade to gradually mix across fader and 50/50 mix in centre only.
NN Note on 1 none 0x1B L.F.Curve Adjusts slope of Channel Faders. Rotate clockwise to shorten fade time with sharper cut off at bottom and full level most majority of fade length. Rotate anti-clockwise to lengthen fade to gradually increase level up fader and 100% level at top only.
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