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-====== Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 ====== +Moved to [[Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk2]].
- +
-(NOTE: mapping not released yet) +
- +
-{{:​native_instrument_traktor_s4-mkii-1.jpg?​600}} +
- +
-The Kontrol S4 MK2 is one of the most popular DJ controllers. ​ The MK2 has substantial improvements over the previous S4 MK1, including large all-light buttons for easier visibility. ​ We support the S4 MK2 from version Mixxx 2.0 onwards. ​ The MK1 is not supported and can not be supported due to a proprietary communication protocol that Native Instruments ​invented. ​ The MK2 uses the open HID standard so the Mixxx mapping is completely functional. +
-  +
-Most of the functions are exactly as they appear on the device and most Traktor ​users shouldn'​t have a problem picking up and using the controller right away.  While there'​s a lot of overlap between Mixxx and Traktor, some buttons on the S4 don't quite translate to Mixxx. ​ This guide is not a replacement for the [[http://​​manual/​2.0/​|Mixxx Manual]] and any questions not answered here ("What is keylock?"​) are addressed there. +
- +
-==== Loading the Mapping ==== +
- +
-To load the S4 mapping: +
-  - Open the Mixxx Preferences and click on the Controller category in the left-hand list.  +
-  - You should see multiple items listed for the Kontrol S4.  Find the Kontrol S4 HID device, not the MIDI device. ​  +
-  - Click the drop-down list labelled "Load Preset." ​  +
-  - Look for Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 and select it.   +
-  - Hit "​Apply"​ at the bottom of the preferences window. ​  +
- +
-The controller should light up satisfyingly and should be immediately usable. +
- +
- +
-==== Mapping Notes ====  +
-Note that Mixxx doesn'​t have the concept of a single "​master"​ deck for sync.  Instead, you should push and hold the sync button to "​lock"​ sync on for all decks you want to remain in sync.  Or you can push Shift + Sync to lock sync on. See [[http://​​manual/​2.0/​chapters/​djing_with_mixxx.html#​master-sync|the Mixxx manual]] for details. +
- +
-Mixxx does not have remix decks, so the four remix slot buttons have been repurposed. ​ By default, they will launch samples in the sampler decks. ​  +
- +
-The Loop Size select knob is not fully implemented. ​ Currently, pressing the "Loop Set" knob always creates an 8 bar loop, and turning the knob will change the size of existing loops. ​ This will be fixed in a future update to allow creation of arbitrary-sized loops. +
- +
-The FX Mode button changes which effect is loaded in the FX bank.  Currently only one effect can be loaded in each bank. +
- +
-There are some more bonus actions that can be accessed by holding shift and pressing certain buttons. +
- +
-  * Shift + Loop Move will adjust the musical pitch of the track without changing the speed. +
-  * Shift + pressing the Loop Move knob will reset the musical pitch to natural. +
-  * Shift + Loop Size will seek quickly through the track for easy previewing. +
-  * Shift + Load will eject the track. +
-  * Shift + Remix Slot will create a loop of predetermined size. +
- +
- +
-The Master Volume knob on the S4 controls the built-in hardware volume directly, so we have chosen not to also bind it to the Mixxx software master volume control. ​ Peak display is only generated from software, however. ​ So if you see or hear clipping, it won't help to lower the master volume knob -- adjust the knob in the Mixxx GUI or lower the gain of the playing tracks. +
- +
-==== Unused Buttons ==== +
- +
-  * Snap button does nothing (in Mixxx, Quantize does both Quantizing and Snapping) +
-  * Master button does nothing, but lights up when sync is enabled +
-  * Loop recorder knob and buttons do nothing +
-  * FX knob buttons do nothing +
-  * While the Flux button works, the Reset button does nothing +
- +
-==== User Configurable Mapping Changes ==== +
- +
-If you choose, you can edit the controller script and change the Remix Slot buttons to perform loop rolls instead. ​ Also by default, Shift + CUE rewinds the track to the beginning but you can change this to a Reverse Roll (or "​Censor"​) effect instead. ​  +
- +
-Making these changes is still a little awkward and we will be making controller preferences easier to change in the future. ​ For now you'll have to make a small change to the mapping script file.  Don't worry, the actual edit only involves replacing a single word in a text file.   +
-  - Open Mixxx Preferences and select the Kontorl S4 in the side list. +
-  - You should see a series of tabs at the top of the preferences window, one of which is "​Scripts"​. ​ Select that tab. +
-  - Select "​Traktor-Kontrol-S4-MK2-hid-scripts.js"​. ​  +
-  - Click "Open Selected File."​ +
-  - Either the file should open in an editor, or you should see a file browser window with that file selected. ​ If you see a file browser, right click the file and select an option to edit it. +
-  - At the top of the file will be short instructions explaining what to do. +
- +
-==== TODO ====  +
- +
-There are some features we still plan to add to this mapping: +
-  * Loop size readout / selection +
-  * On Air indicator for shoutcast or set recording +
-  * Find uses for other unused buttons +
-  * Microphone volume knob +
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