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Supported MIDI controller test grid

This grid is just used for verifying functionality of supported controllers in the next version of Mixxx.

Currently reporting for: Mixxx 1.7.0

Simply state works or doesn't work for controllers you've tested. If any buttons/sliders do not work as expected within Mixxx's existing functionality, please fix them using the following information:

Otherwise report the reasons for not working to our bug tracker.

(For details on a particular controller, please visit the hardware compatibility page.)

Device Windows Mac OS X Linux
Hercules DJ Control Steel
Hercules DJ Console RMX Works Works Works
Hercules DJ Console Mk1
Hercules DJ Console Mk2 Works Works Works
Hercules DJ Console Mac Edition
Hercules DJ Control MP3 Works Works Works
Stanton SCS.3d Works Works Works
Stanton SCS.1m Works Works
Mixman DM2 Works
Tascam US-428
M-Audio X-Session Pro Works Works
Evolution X-Session
M-Audio Xponent Works
FaderFox DJ2
Vestax VCI-100
Numark Total Control Works Works 1)
Behringer BCD3000 Works 2)
Akai MPD24 Works Works
tested with 1.7. stable(opensuse-x86 11.0), No button lights (although alex markley's midi mapping for 1.6.2 worked nearly flawlessly) and crossfader needs inverting
No button lights and jog wheels need tuning
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