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 ==== FX modes ==== ==== FX modes ====
-Touch one of the four buttons to the side of the gain slider to control ​one of the effect ​chainsTop button selects first effect chain and so forth. In this mode, the vertical sliders control the first three knobs of the first effect ​in the selected effect chain. The top slider controls dry/wet mix.+In FX mode you can control ​an effect ​unitThe three vertical sliders control the first three effect ​parameters and the top slider controls dry/wet mix. The four buttons below EQ refer to the four effect units, we'll call them FX1, FX2, FX3, and FX4.  Top button (FX1) selects first effect chain and so forth.
-You can assign FX chains to the deck by holding FX and pressing one of the four buttons next to the gain slider. So to assign FX chain 1 to the current deck, hold FX and press the top button (right below EQ). 
-When holding ​FX, the volume slider ​can be used to adjust channel gain. Hold FX and slide up to make the channel louderHold FX-EQ and touch the gain slider to reset gain.+To enter FX mode you can either press FX to switch to the preselected effect unitor press FX1 through FX4 to switch directly to the desired effect unit. You can assign FX chains ​to the deck by holding ​FX and pressing FX1 through FX4 to assign these effects ​to the deckSo to assign ​FX unit 1 to the current deck, hold FX and press the top button (right below EQ). 
 +You can change the effect loaded into an effect unit by holding its button (FX1 through FX4) and tapping left/right on the top slider to cycle through the effects.
 ==== MASTER mode ==== ==== MASTER mode ====
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