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Stanton SCS.3m "DaMix"

Mapping description

The left side of the controller controls deck 1. The right side is for deck 2. We'll walk through the controller from top to bottom and explain the features.

Deck select buttons

These are used only as modifier buttons in Mixxx for now. Hold them down to access different functions for that side of the controller (Deck A/C for the left side virtual deck 1, Deck B/D for the right side, deck 2,) detailed for each control below.

Top horizontal sliders

These adjust the pitch control.

  • Touching near the edges will do a temporary pitch bend in that direction.
  • Hold the current mode button down (EQ/FX) and touch the slider on that side to reset it to 0%.
  • Hold the applicable Deck select button down when using these sliders to perform fine-grained pitch adjustment.

When the Master button is held down:

  • The left slider adjusts the Pre/Main headphone mix
  • The right slider adjusts Master Balance
  • Also hold the current mode button and touch the slider on that side to reset it to center

FX/EQ sliders

From left to right, for each side:

  • in EQ mode these adjust Low, Mid, and High frequency filters
  • in FX mode these adjust Depth, Delay, and LFO for the flanging effect

Hold down the current mode button (FX/EQ) and touch one of these sliders to reset it to center.

FX/EQ mode buttons

Press these to choose what the sliders above them control. (See above.)

  • Hold Deck and press FX to toggle the flange effect for that deck
  • Hold Deck and press EQ to auto-adjust the pitch to sync the BPM on this deck with the other one (assuming it was detected correctly on both)

Volume sliders

These adjust the channel volume as on a traditional mixer.

  • Holding Deck causes these to adjust the pre-fader gain for the deck

When the Master button is held down:

  • The left slider adjusts the Headphone volume
  • The right slider adjusts Master volume

Soft buttons

From top to bottom on both sides:

  • Rewind
  • Fast forward
  • Cue
  • Play

Headphone buttons toggle that deck in the headphone mix.


Adjusts the cross-fade between the virtual decks

  • Needle drop function: Hold a Deck button to use the cross-fader strip to search through the track loaded on that deck

VU Meters

These normally show the pre-fader signal for the respective deck.

  • When holding down the Master button, they show the stereo master output meters: left side for the left channel, right side for the right channel.

NOTE: The LEDs are calibrated to the VU meters on-screen. If you see a red LED flicker, you are clipping and need to reduce the volume or gain to avoid distorted sound and/or speaker damage.

Images courtesy of Stanton Magnetics, Inc.

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