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 +====== Mixxx QA Procedure ======
 +This page details how the Mixxx team goes about ensuring that Mixxx releases continue to improve and integrate new features with fewer bugs. 
 +This procedure is in development as it has been virtually non-existent up until now. 
 +===== Mixxx Release Checklists =====
 +These checklists are a step-by-step procedure for testing Mixxx functionality. In order for a Mixxx release candidate to be approved for general release, the binary must be checked against every one of these checklists.
 +  * [[qa_drag_and_drop|Drag and Drop QA Checklist]]
 +  * [[qa_scs3|Stanton SCS3 QA Checklist]]
 +  * [[qa_library|Library and Library Scanner QA Checklist]]
 +  * [[qa_engine|Mixing Engine QA Checklist]]
 +  * [[qa_skin|Skin QA Checklist]]
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