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Library Scanner QA Checklist

This page is a checklist for ensuring that the Library and Library Scanner are working as intended.

Reference Test Grid

Behaviour to Test Expected behaviour Windows Mac OS X Linux
Fresh library scan [1] completes successfully ? ? ?
Immediately rescan library without making changes completes quicker than fresh scan ? ? ?
Upgrade library from 1.7.0 [1] preserves metadata, all tracks imported ? ? ?
Move a file from one directory to another BPM and comment metadata should be preserved, file not marked as missing ? ? ?
Move the file back Should not see a duplicate entry for the file ? ? ?
Add a song to a library subdirectory, rescan Song should appear in Mixxx library ? ? ?
Cancel a fresh library scan some tracks should appear, no tracks should be marked as missing ? ? ?
After a fresh scan, cancel a rescan half-way through no tracks should be marked as missing or disappear ? ? ?
Delete a song from disk, rescan Song should be marked as missing ? ? ?
Remove song from Mixxx library (right-click→Remove), rescan Song should not appear after rescan ? ? ?
Remove song from Mixxx library, add a new song to same directory, rescan Song should not appear after rescan ? ? ?
Drag-and-drop removed song onto Mixxx library Song should be re-added to Mixxx ? ? ?

[1] Delete your mixxxdb.sqlite first

Mixxx 1.8.0 Test Grid

  • Test With:
    • Mixxx 1.8.0, Git rXXXX
    • Qt X.Y.Z (whatever is shipped on OSX and Windows with Mixxx)''
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