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Mapping Description

Built and tested with mixxx 2.0.0 (build 1.12 r5772) My goal with the mapping is to be as close to the behaviour of Pioneers original intention with the device demoed in their marketing material.


  • Auto loop buttons default to creating a loop of 32.
  • FX[123] buttons turn on the effected channels of EffectUnit[123]
  • [shift] FX[123] cycle the EffectUnit[123]'s effect type.
  • FX jogwheels and [shift]jogwheels effect the mix and super1 of the EffectUnit[123].
  • ctrlB controls the QuickEffectsRack1_[Channeln]_Effect1]

What works:

  • Deck switching for 4 decks
  • Cue, play hotcue[1-4], volume, [low|med|high]eq knobs, headphone cue, browse, load, autoloop, tempo, sampler[1-4], sync_master
  • Scratching
  • Lighting effects for ctrlA, ctrlB and fx buttons, with script option to turn them off.
  • ctrlA controls pitch, ctrlB controls QuickEffectsRack1
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