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 ====== Numark Mixtrack Pro ====== ====== Numark Mixtrack Pro ======
 {{ :​numark_mixtrackpro.jpg?​500 |}} {{ :​numark_mixtrackpro.jpg?​500 |}}
 + ​*[[http://​​product/​mixtrackpro|Manufacturer'​s product page]]
-Manufacturer link: [[http://​​product/​mixtrackpro]] +This is hte same as the [[Numark Mixtrack]] with the addition of an integrated ​sound card. This product ​has been discontinued and succeeded by the [[Numark Mixtrack Pro 3]].
- +
-====== Controller description ====== +
-===== Technically ===== +
-The Numark Mixtrack Pro is a fully compliant MIDI controller. It is interfaced ​with a computer through a single USB port and **it include a 4 channel ​sound card**MIXTRACK PRO has all the inputs and outputs you’ll need for your headphones, speakers, and a mic. +
- +
-The MIXTRACK PRO is a class-compliant audio device. This means it doesn'​t require any additional drivers to be installed in order for your computer to recognize it. I probe in Ubuntu Linux 10.04 64 bits and Windows 7 64 bits, it work plug and play.+
 ====== Numark Mixtrack Support in Mixxx ====== ====== Numark Mixtrack Support in Mixxx ======
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