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Controller description


The Numark Mixtrack is a fully compliant MIDI controller. It is interfaced with a computer through a single USB port and it does not include a sound card.

Who should buy ?

Anyone who wants an affordable mixing midi controller to start with the hobby and who already has a sound card with two independent outputs (one for the headphones and one for the main output).

Who should not buy ?

Anyone who wants a professional grade mixing controller, or a piece of equipment combining both the mixing gear and the soundcard.

Numark Mixtrack Support in Mixxx

What is the state of the support in Mixxx ?

As of Mixxx 1.8.2, the Numark Mixtrack is fully supported. The controller mapping and backing script is maintained by the community and is regularly updated to take the remarks and improvements into account. As an example, the “stutter” functionality was implemented in the 1.0b mapping, which can be found in the corresponding forum thread.

Current mapping

Known problems

  • The pitch on the controller have a very short run. Thus, having it configured as a +10/-10 (or more) is tricky because you will get a very low pitch precision. Configuring it as +8/-8 (Mk2 style) is higly recommended
  • The autolooping functions, altough implemented are quite flawed. The “loop one bar”, which is present since the 1.0b version, is making a loop between two bars, which are rarely fitted on real “measures”. As of mixxx 1.9, there is no possibility to adjust the bars to make them fit perfectly to the tempo
  • Pressing play while “cue previewing” should start the track for real, CDJ style. This is not implemented yet, and is marked as a TODO in Mixxx code, so it is unlikely to get implemented on the controller mapping side.
  • Final remark on the hardware design: be very, very careful not to press the “Load A” or “Load B” button, instead of the corresponding track's “cue” button. They are very near, the error is easy and produces the most dire effect in a party: an awful blank !
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