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 ===== Novation Twitch ===== ===== Novation Twitch =====
-**Novation Twitch ​is supported since Mixxx 2.1**. +A mapping for the Novation Twitch ​will be included in Mixxx 2.1. You can use it now with Mixxx 2.0 by saving ​the following files to your [[controller ​mapping ​file locations#​user controller mapping folder]]: 
-More information on what the mapping ​does here:+  * [[https://​​mixxxdj/​mixxx/​master/​res/​controllers/​novation_twitch.mixco.output.js|JS file]] 
 +  * [[https://​​mixxxdj/​mixxx/​master/​res/​controllers/​novation_twitch.mixco.output.midi.xml|XML file]]
-  * [[https://​​mixco/​script/​novation_twitch.mixco.html|Documentation ​for Novation Twitch on Mixxx]] +The mapping was made with the [[https://​​mixco/​|Mixco mapping framework]] and  ​[[https://​​mixco/​script/​novation_twitch.mixco.html|documentation ​for the mapping]] is available on the Mixco website.
- +
 +Support for the device was added to Linux in Linux 3.10. If you are using an older version of Linux you will need to upgrade.
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