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Novation Dicer

Images © Novation

The Novation Dicer is a small controller designed to be placed on the corner of turntables for use with timecode vinyl. They are sold in pairs.

Mapping description

Author: Shaun (DJ Pandemonium)

The mapping has all buttons mapped and mimics the overall layout of the DJ Tech Tools Dicer mapping for Traktor.

Press Dice buttons 1-5 whilst holding down Mode button (Red/Green/Orange) to access the shifted layer functions.
Standard layer Shift layer
Set/Play Hotcue 1 Loop Roll 1/16 beat Auto Loop 1 Beat Delete Hotcue 1 Forward then Resume Next Playlist
Set/Play Hotcue 2 Loop Roll 1/8 beat Auto Loop 2 Beat Delete Hotcue 2 Cue Next Track
Set/Play Hotcue 3 Loop Roll 1/4 beat Auto Loop 4 Beat Delete Hotcue 3 Toggle Flanger Load Track
Set/Play Hotcue 4 Loop Roll 1/2 beat Auto Loop 8 Beat Delete Hotcue 4 Transform Previous Track
Set/Play Hotcue 5 Loop Roll 1 beat Auto Loop 16 Beat Delete Hotcue 5 Rewind then Resume Previous Playlist
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