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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1


The Traktor Kontrol Z1 is a small, portable 2-deck controller with an integrated soundcard.


A mapping for the Kontrol Z1 exists that maps all controls to Mixxx just as they are labelled. A few extra functions are available to make this controller usable by itself without other controllers:

  • Mode + Filter on: play
  • Mode + headphones: cue

You can use the Kontrol Z1 as a sound output. Channel 1-2 will go to the Main Out, two RCA jacks at the top of the controller, with volume being regulated by the “Main” knob. Channel 3-4 will go to the phones, a single 3.5mm stereo jack at the bottom of the controller, with volume being regulated by the “Cue Vol” knob.

HID Specification


Note: The “Main” and “Cue Vol” controls operate on the hardware level and thus do not send any signals

Report ID: 0x1

Knobs & faders

Each control spans 2 Bytes, but only sends up to 12 Bits. These are the controls in order in which they are sent.

Each of these knobs exists twice, first are all that are one the left and then all on the right.

  • “Gain” Knob
  • “HI” Knob
  • “MID” Knob
  • “LOW” Knob
  • “FX” Knob
  • “Cue Mix” Knob

Left Vertical Fader

Right Vertical Fader



The buttons all are at an offset of 29 and and are listed here with their bitmask:

  • Mode - 0x2
  • Headphone Button (A) - 0x10
  • Headphone Button (B) - 0x1
  • FX Button left - 0x4
  • FX Button right - 0x8


Report ID: 0x80

All bytes represent Brightness and can be set granularly from 00 to 7F (Even though Traktor always sends either 0A or 7F).

  • Volume meter left - 7 Bytes (5 Blue + 2 Orange)
  • Volume meter right - 7 Bytes (5 Blue + 2 Orange)
  • Headphone Button (A) - 1 Byte Blue
  • Headphone Button (B) - 1 Byte Blue
  • FX Button left - 1 Byte Red, 1 Byte Blue
  • Mode Button - 1 Byte White
  • FX Button right - 1 Byte Red, 1 Byte Blue
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