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 This is the final [[https://​​file/​d/​1Micg2kqdE-XpCIgcjb58CrZoqrgIHUnv/​view?​usp=sharing|proposal]] that got accepted in GSoC 2020. This is the final [[https://​​file/​d/​1Micg2kqdE-XpCIgcjb58CrZoqrgIHUnv/​view?​usp=sharing|proposal]] that got accepted in GSoC 2020.
-For this project, I will be collaborating with Cristiano Lacerda (crisclacerda). We will be working on making a new beatgrid format that marks bars, meter, and phrases. Cristiano will focus on implementing autodetection of this information from tracks while I will focus on creating the UI for editing the beatgrid and using this information in other Mixxx features (waveforms, looping, beatjump, quantize, etc).+----
-===== Original Proposal ===== 
 ==== Abstract ==== ==== Abstract ====
-The project ​aims at improving ​the audio track analysis features ​to compute information such as +The main idea of the project ​is to enhance and accent the beatgrid with more information about the track than just the beat markers. The project will enable more interactions with the scrolling waveforms ​to edit the tempo, downbeats, cues, time signature, phrases ​and sections. This metadata will be backed by the analysis features with the help of the sibling project and this metadata, of course, can be edited by the user at will in case the analysis data is incoherent with the track.
-downbeat, time signature, ​measures, and phrases.+
-Currently, in mixxx and most DJing software, track synchronization is more of a manual process +These beatgrid editing features will be different from any other DJing software ​since they are aimed at providing absolute granular control over the beatgrid at any point in the track.
-for a DJ as the downbeat of the incoming ​track has to be matched with the downbeat of the other +
-track. This process can be aided if the starting beat is predetermined by mixxx and the DJ can +
-freely press the play button while the two tracks automatically get matched to the closest +
-Downbeat detection ​will pave the way for bar detection and time signature ​computation. This +This project ​will display and enable ​the user to edit meter(time signature)downbeats, phrases ​and sections in the beatgrid.
-feature is necessary since a song can be in a time signature other than 4/4which will render +
-most beat and time-related features such as looping and quantization inconsistent with the track. +
-Overall smarter quantization can be achieved with the added information.+
-Waveform viewer will also benefit from this feature as downbeats, accented beats and +----
-time-signature can be visualized from the waveform for added intuition to the DJ. This will be +
-helpful to set cues visually since phrases become more apparent to the player.+
 +=== Visual Additions ===
-==== Design and UI changes ====+== Section Overview widget ​== 
 +A new SectionOverview widget will be added under the existing WaveformOverview widget to display track section divisions.
-=== Downbeat markers === +{{:image1617.png?600}}
-<Insert Wireframe>​ +
-=== Bar Counter === +
-{{:undefined:​screenshot_from_2020-05-06_18-24-12.png?​600 ​|}} +
-=== Phrase divisions === +
-<Insert Wireframe>​ +
-=== Time signature editor === +
-<Insert Wireframe>​+
 +== Scrolling Waveform additions ==
-==== Implementation ==== +**Downbeat Markers**
-To be added soon.+
 +The downbeat markers will be more opaque than the other bar beats.
-==== End goal ==== +{{:​image20-5.png?600}}
-Added support for variable bpm, variable time signature, downbeat markers, phrase divisions and accordingly changed/​added UI and controller interactions for features such as looping, beat jumps, etc.+
-===== Timeline ===== +**Bar Counter**
-Will be updated soon+
-===== Weekly logs/blogs ===== +{{:​image156.png?​600}} 
-To be added per week.+ 
 +**Phrase markers** 
 +These markers define the start of a new phrase. The phrase markers will be colored different and more accented than the downbeat markers. 
 +**Sections bands** 
 +The sections will be displayed on the waveform as tabbed strips. 
 +=== Interactions ​==
 +== Section overview == 
 +Clicking on a section will seek to the section start position. 
 +== Section Editor == 
 +In the edit mode, the section overview and section bands on scrolling waveform can be edited to modify, add and remove sections. 
 +Since the section overview is relatively small, larger quantization units will be preferred over smaller units. Snap/Quantize behaviour will follow the order of preference: Phrase > Downbeat > Beat. (Phrase quantization will be used only if a phrase marker is close enough within a range of few bars). For scrolling waveform, it will be beat. 
 +The base state for the sections when no sections have been assigned either manually or via the analyzer is a single section named INTRO which spans throughout the audible range of the track. 
 +**Adding a section** 
 +Click the clip/​scissors icon and click within an existing section to cut the section in two parts with the same properties (name, color) as the earlier section. The scissors tool can be used on the section overview and section bands on the scrolling waveform. 
 +**Removing a section** 
 +The section context menu has the option to delete a section. A section can also be deleted by selecting it and pressing the delete key afterwards. The preceding section occupies the empties space. If it is the first section, the second section occupies the cleared space. 
 +Sections can also be removed by dragging the section divider from one end to the other overlapping the entire section with a neighbouring section as a result. 
 +**Modifying a section** 
 +The length can be adjusted by dragging the section dividers on either the section overview widget or the section bands on the scrolling waveforms. Their names and color can be changed via the section context menus. This functionality is similar to the cue context menu. 
 +== Beatgrid ​== 
 +The scrolling waveform will be powered by context-menus for every beat on the waveform. This gives the perfect granular control over the beatgrid for the tracks and allows editing for tracks with variable time signatures and tempos. 
 +**Beat context menu** 
 +**Downbeat context menu** 
 +**Time signature menu** 
 +**Phrase context menu** 
 +Inherit options from beat and downbeat menu (if applicable) 
 +Added option: 
 +  * Remove phrase marker 
 +**Note:** Quarter note beat and no adjustments will be allowed to this convention. 
 +== Beatjump and loop == 
 +A combo box next to their controls will be added to select the jump/loop unit. 
 +Selection options (in ascending order): 
 +=== Auto DJ enhancements === 
 +Downbeats will be matched. First and last sections (need not necessarily be called intro/outro since tracks without intro exist) will be used to determine transition/​mixing triggers instead of older intro and outro cues. 
 +=== Breaking Changes === 
 +Since the intro and outro information will now be included with the sections, explicit intro and outro cues will be removed along with the editor buttons for the same. 
 +__Earlier:​__ To mark the intro/​outro,​ the start marker was set at the starting position and end marker was placed at the end position of the intro/​outro. The enclosed segment defined the intro/​outro. 
 +__Change:__ Use the section editor or the drag control on the scrolling waveform to mark the first and the last sections. 
 +=== Being friends with the analyzer (future goals) === 
 +As much as this project depends on the analyzer to generate the metadata for markers, the analyzer can also benefit from the metadata marked by the user. For instance, precise time signature values can aid the analyzer to find phrases and section. Thus, every edit by the user will trigger another analysis based on the new empirical data and gather the rest of the data so that the user does not have to edit the rest of it manually.
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