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The Mixxx Bug Tracker

Our bug tracker is hosted on Launchpad. It is an essential part of how the Mixxx team keeps track of and gradually eliminates all of Mixxx's defects.

Bug Importance Guidelines

  • Wishlist
    • A feature that Mixxx does not currently have.
    • If the bug is a placeholder for a project, that project should have a Blueprint.
    • Example:
      • Support a certain sub-format of the FLAC specification.
      • Add MIDI mapping for XXX controller.
      • Rewrite the Control system to not suck.
  • Low
    • A minor feature is subtly broken. Not likely to impact 90% of Mixxx of users.
    • Example:
      • Keyboard shortcuts fail to work under certain circumstances.
      • A community supported MIDI mapping is broken.
      • A Mixxx Certified MIDI Mapping is subtly broken.
  • Medium
    • A minor feature is seriously broken. A major feature is subtly broken.
    • Example:
      • A Mixxx Certified MIDI Mapping is broken.
      • In a corner case, looping can accidentally become unset.
  • High
    • A core feature is seriously broken but does not immediately and drastically screw a live performance.
    • Example:
      • Looping does not work.
      • The Library does not list tracks starting with O.
      • AutoDJ does not transition to the next song.
  • Critical
    • Any reproducible bug that will screw someone who is using Mixxx live.
    • Example:
      • segfaults
      • assertion failures
      • skips in the master output
      • bugs that cause a player to go crazy and emit screeching noises
    • A bug should only be marked critical when it's clear that Mixxx is the culprit or Mixxx can provide a safe workaround.

Adopting a Bug

If you wish to start working on a Bug you should adopt it by assigning it to yourself. This way other developers are informed that you will take care of it. If you decide not to finish the Bug, you should add a link to your unfinished work on GitHub or attach a patch. And than un-assign yourselves.

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