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 **Required** **Required**
   * //lupdate// and //​lrelease//,​ part of [[http://​​downloads|Qt development toolkit]]   * //lupdate// and //​lrelease//,​ part of [[http://​​downloads|Qt development toolkit]]
 +    * for Ubuntu: <​code>​sudo apt-get install qttools5-dev-tools</​code> ​
   * [[https://​​client/​installing-the-client|Transifex CLI- client]]   * [[https://​​client/​installing-the-client|Transifex CLI- client]]
 +    * for Ubuntu: <​code>​sudo apt-get install transifex-client</​code>​
 +    * Note the Xenial version is broken lp:1557957 use the Debian Stretch package [[https://​​stretch/​all/​transifex-client/​download|Debian Stretch package]] ​
 **Optional** **Optional**
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