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The Hercules PC DJ Consoles are a series of USB DJ controllers for use with software such as Mixxx.

This page complements the general page about Hercules controllers in this wiki.

Drivers / Supportability

What is the state of Hercules device support for the different Hercules DJ Consoles?

  • On Windows/OSX, you can use any of Mk1, MP3 Control, Mk2, RMX, DJ Steel Control via MIDI.
  • On Linux, you can use most of the controllers, but some of them will require either the Hercules Linux kernel module or the user-mode driver. Others will work as an HID device directly.
  • These devices are remappable via the XML config files that correspond to their names.
  • LED support works with scripts.

Are Hercules devices USB-MIDI class compliant?

  • None of the Hercules devices from Mk1 to RMX are USB-MIDI class compliant, they require OS MIDI drivers, which are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Newer controllers from Hercules are USB MIDI class compliant though. See the tables on the DJ Hardware Guide for details.

My Hercules Mk1/RMX doesn't work with Mixxx on Linux

  • If you have Linux you need the Hercules Linux driver installed.
  • The Mk1 needs a modified dynamic kernel module for the Herc MIDI driver.

Does the Joystick on the Mk1/Control MP3/Mk2 work in Mixxx?

  • The hercules joysticks are HID mice used to navigate library and playlists, they have been superseded by direction buttons on the RMX and DJ Steel controllers.
  • The joystick driver may mess with the MIDI driver.

Hardware Models

Currently, there are multiple models supported in Mixxx. Check the hardware compatibility page, or the specific controller pages that you can access from Hercules wiki page on Mixxx

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