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-====== ​Drivers / Supportability / Recommendation FAQ ====== +====== ​General Info ====== 
-Preface - As a vendor, ​Hercules ​has been good about supporting the Mixxx project through donations ​of their hardware. ​ We'd like to thank them for that support and encourage you to consider their goodwill towards ​Mixxx when you are weighing your options;-)+ 
 +The [[http://​​us/​|Hercules]] PC DJ Consoles are a series ​of USB DJ controllers ​for use with software such as Mixxx. 
 +This page complements the general page about [[hercules|Hercules controllers]] in this wiki.
-Now onto the meat... 
-**On 2/16/2009, Hercules released Linux MIDI drivers for all of their DJ product. Download them here [[http://​|Hercules Technical Support]]** 
 ===== Drivers / Supportability ===== ===== Drivers / Supportability =====
 ==== What is the state of Hercules device support for the different Hercules DJ Consoles? ==== ==== What is the state of Hercules device support for the different Hercules DJ Consoles? ====
-  * On Windows/OSX you can use any of Mk1, Control ​MP3, Mk2, or RMX via MIDI.  These devices are remappable via the XML config files that correspond to their names.  LED support doesn'​t work all that reliably though (this is a Mixxx problem not a driver or hardware problem)+  * On Windows/OSX,  ​you can use any of Mk1, MP3 Control, Mk2, RMX, DJ Steel Control ​via MIDI.  
-  * On Linux, you can use the MK1/​MK2/​MP3/​RMX/​Steel via the official MIDI driver for Linux. Download it at [[http://​|Hercules Technical Support]].+  * On Linux, you can use most of the controllers,​ but some of them will require either the [[hercules_linux_kernel_module|Hercules Linux kernel module]] or the [[hercules_linux_usermode_driver|user-mode driver]]. Others will work as an HID device directly. 
 +  * These devices are remappable via the XML config files that correspond to their names.  
 +  * LED support works with scripts.
 ==== Are Hercules devices USB-MIDI class compliant? ==== ==== Are Hercules devices USB-MIDI class compliant? ====
-  * Nope, none of the Hercules devices from Mk1 to RMX are USB-MIDI class compliant.  They all require OS MIDI drivers ​to do MIDI.+  * None of the Hercules devices from Mk1 to RMX are USB-MIDI class compliant, they require OS MIDI drivers, which are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Newer controllers from Hercules are USB MIDI class compliant though. See the tables on the [[hardware compatibility|DJ Hardware Guide]] for details.
-==== My Hercules RMX doesn'​t work with Mixxx on Linux ==== +==== My Hercules ​Mk1/RMX doesn'​t work with Mixxx on Linux ==== 
-  * If you are using Mixxx 1.6.1 or older, ​you need to have libDJConsole 0.1.3 (which as of Aug 2008 is only available from the bzr source repo on launchpad). This is a workaround that we were forced to use while Hercules ​was preparing their Linux driver. ​ +  * If you have Linux you need the Hercules Linux driver ​installed.  
- +  * The Mk1 needs a modified dynamic kernel module ​for the Herc MIDI driver.
-==== My Hercules device only works as root ==== +
-  * Check that you have the correct udev rules for the DJ Console devices (these are part of libDJConsole or libdjconsole-data on Ubuntu).+
 ==== Does the Joystick on the Mk1/Control MP3/Mk2 work in Mixxx? ==== ==== Does the Joystick on the Mk1/Control MP3/Mk2 work in Mixxx? ====
-  * No and it never will.  ​The hercules joysticks are very imprecise ​mice that overshoot all the time, they are in no way helpful because of that and have been superseded by direction buttons ​(which are supported by Mixxx/​libDJConsole),​ these work much better ​and are used to navigate library and playlists+  * The hercules joysticks are HID mice used to navigate library and playlists, they have been superseded by direction buttons ​on the RMX and DJ Steel controllers
-  * If you load the joystick driver ​you may get an error message that libDJConsole can not communicate ​with your DJ Console, because ​the kernel sees it as one device you can only use either the joystick OR the rest of the console via libDJConsole,​ to fix it ditch the joystick driver. +  * The joystick driver may mess with the MIDI driver.
- +
-===== Recommendation ===== +
-==== Which one should I buy? ==== +
-  * On Windows or OSX: cost and function should drive your decision. ​ They all work pretty well, the RMX has a better sound output at low volume but is heavier then the others by quite bit (it's solid metal vs. the others which are plastic). +
-  * On Linux: Unless Hercules releases a MIDI driver ​I can not recommend the Control MP3 as it can only be used via the legacy hack (you will have to build Mixxx from source and turn it on).   The Mk1 is quite old and though it works via the libDJConsole hack, it seems the least likely to have a MIDI driver written for it by Hercules. ​  That leaves the Mk2 and the RMX which are both decently supported by libDJConsole and seem to have the best chance at this point of their product lifetime of seeing a vendor MIDI driver. +
- +
- +
- +
-====== General Info ====== +
- +
-The Hercules PC DJ Consoles are a series of USB DJ controllers for use with software such as Mixxx. +
- +
-Link to website: [[http://​​us/​|http://​]]+
 ===== Hardware Models ===== ===== Hardware Models =====
-Currently, there are 5 different ​models+Currently, there are multiple ​models ​supported ​in Mixxx: 
-  * Hercules DJ Console MK2 - Very popular controller with a built in 4x4 soundcard. (Two inputs, two outputs.)  +  ​Check the [[hardware_compatibility|hardware compatibility]] page, or the specific controller pages that you can access from [[hercules|Hercules ​wiki page on Mixxx]]
-  * Hercules DJ Console MK1 - Same as the MK2, but much older. +
-  * Hercules DJ Control MP3 - Very similar to the MK2, but without the built-in soundcard. It's also significantly cheaper. +
-  * Hercules DJ Console Mac Edition - Same as the MK2, slightly different MIDI mapping file in Mixxx. +
-  ​* Hercules DJ Console RMX - Next-generation Hercules controller, release date is April 2008. <​del>​Will be supported in Mixxx if we can get our hands on one.</​del>​ Supported, Thanks Francois @ Hercules! +
-Mixxx'​s support for the Hercules controllers is described on our [[hardware_compatibility|hardware compatibility]] page+
- +
-===== Pictures ===== +
- +
-{{hardware:​hercules_dj_console_mk2.jpg|}} +
-The Hercules ​DJ Console MK2. The Mac Edition and Control MP3 versions are very similar.+
-The Hercules DJ Console RMX. Release date is April 2008. 
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