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 +==== Linux User-mode Driver for Hercules controllers ====
 +Aside of the [[hercules_linux_kernel_module|Hercules Linux kernel module]], there also exists another driver developed by Neale Pickett and available [[https://​​nealey/​hdjd|on GitHub]], that allows the controllers to be seen as MIDI devices.
 +This driver can be executed as an application by the user, and supports the MIDI mapping the following controllers:​
 +  * Hercules DJ Control Steel
 +  * Hercules DJ Control MP3e2
 +  * Hercules DJ Control Hercules MP3 LE / Glow
 +  * Hercules DJ Control Hercules Mk4  (Since November 2017)
 +  * Hercules DJ Control Hercules Mk2
 +  * Hercules DJ Control 4-Mx
 +In order to use it, you need to download the source, and compile it simply executing ''​make''​.
 +Once compiled, it can be executed as ./hdjd and it will tell the controller that it has detected and if there is any problem in using it.
 +If you are told that the controller cannot be accessed, you can follow the instructions to allow read and write permissions to devices. See details at this page:
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