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This controller is a class compliant USB MIDI and audio device, so it can be used without any special drivers on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. However, if you wish to use the ASIO sound API under Windows, please install the latest driver package available from the Support page.

Sound card setup

This controller has built-in 4 channel output sound card, with MASTER output (RCA and 3.5mm jack) and HEADPHONE output (6.35mm and 3.5mm jack).

* Open Preferences > Sound Hardware
* Select the Output tab
* From the Master drop-down menu, select the audio interface, then Channels 1-2
* From the Headphones drop-down menu, select the audio interface, then Channels 3-4
* Click Apply to save the changes.

Please refer to the user manual for more details about theaudio configuration in Mixxx and learning how to set your levels properly.

Mapping description

Save both MIDI and script files to your user controller mapping folder, then load the preset as described in the user manual

NOTE: As it is not being used in the mapping , I'd recommend disabling the Proximity sensor (AIR control) in the DJControl AIR+ control panel in order to prevent unnecessary MIDI data being sent to Mixxx


Vinyl = Scratch On/Off (Default: ON)

Gain knob = Filter

Cue Button = Switch monitor cue level to max.
Mix Button = Switch monitor cue mix to 50%.

Mic Button = Activate microphone input (in hardware).
Rec Button = Maximize/minimize library
Magic Button = AutoDJ On/Off

PADS - Hot Cue:

Set and trigger Hot Cue 1-4
SHIFT + Pad = Delete Hot Cue 1-4.

PADS - Sample:

Trigger Sampler 1-4 (Deck A)
Trigger Sampler 5-8 (Deck B)

BANK 1 - FX Mode:

Button 1-3 = FX 1-3 on/off
Button 4 = FX Rack 1/2 On/Off (Deck A/B respectively)

BANK 2 - Loop Mode:

Button 1-4 = Beatloop 1/2 / 1 / 2 / 4 beats

Other controls as labeled.

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