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Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2

Mapping for Mixxx 1.11 and below

The Hercules MP3 e2 mapping for Mixxx is integrated in Mixxx so you don't have to download or install nothing.

Global controls

Number Control Function
8 Arrow up/down Scrolls to the prev/next track in the Playlist/tracktable
6 Folder Scrolls up to 10 tracks in the Playlist/tracktable
10 Files Scrolls down to 10 tracks in the Playlist/tracktable
18 Load A/B Loads the currently highlighted track into the corrisponding deck (A or B)
19 Crossfader Fades between left and right deck
7 Scratch Enable or disable the scratch mode on both decks
9 Automix Used as a master shift button to obtain more controls than those provided by Hercules.
For example: hold down the Automix button and than press the “pitchbend” buttons for adjust the pre-gain amplification

Deck / Channel specific controls

Number Control Simple function Shifted function
1 Pitchbend +/- Holds the pitch 4% higher while pressed Adjust the pre-gain amplification
2 Master Tempo Toggles a channels flanger effect on and off Enable key-lock for the specified deck (rate changes only affect tempo, not key)
3 Pitch knobs Adjusts playback pitch/speed Deck A: adjust the headphone volume
Deck B: adjust the cue/main mix in the headphone output
4 Loop/Fx Toggle the Loop/Hotcue mode for the keys buttons.
When the button is not lit up the loop buttons are enabled, when the button is lit up the hotcue's buttons are enabled
5 Equalizer knobs Adjusts the gain of the low/medium/high equalizer filter Nothing
11 1/2/3/4 buttons Loop mode:
1 - Sets the loop-in position to the current play position.
2 - Sets the loop-out position to the current play position.
3 and 4 - Toggles the current loop On or Off.
Hotcue mode:
1, 2, 3 and 4: If hotcue X is set, seeks the player to hotcue X's position. If hotcue X is not set, sets hotcue X to the current play position.
Loop mode:
Clears the loop-in/out sets.
Hotcue mode:
If hotcue X is set, clears its hotcue status.
12 Forward \ Backward Fast forward/backward Nothing
13 Sync Automatically sets pitch so the BPM of the other deck is matched Nothing
14 Play Starts or stop a loaded track Nothing
15 Cue Sets the cue point if a track is stoped and not at the current cue point
Stops track and returns to the current cue point if a track is playing.
Plays preview if a track is stopped at the cue point for as long as it's held down
16 Jog wheel Seeks forwards and backwards in a stopped track.
Temporarily changes the playback speed for playing tracks
Absolute sync of the track speed to the jog wheel if the scratch mode is enabled
17 Deck volume slider Controls the deck output volume Nothing
20 Headphone monitor Toggles this deck output to the headphones monitor on/off Nothing
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