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Whether you’re just getting started DJing or you’ve already refined your skills, you can let your creativity run wild. Enjoy excellent precision and comfort to create your mixes using the circular displays on the jog wheels to guide your movements and perfect your scratches, and have fun with the amazing contactless AIR Control sensor. Your adventure starts right here and now. It’s your turn!

Sound card setup

This controller has built-in 4 channel output sound card, with MASTER output (RCA and 3.5mm jack) and HEADPHONE output (6.35mm and 3.5mm jack).

* Open Preferences > Sound Hardware
* Select the Output tab
* From the Master drop-down menu, select the audio interface, then Channels 1-2
* From the Headphones drop-down menu, select the audio interface, then Channels 3-4
* Click Apply to save the changes.

Please refer to the user manual for more details about theaudio configuration in Mixxx and learning how to set your levels properly.

Mapping description

Save both MIDI and script files to your user controller mapping folder, then load the preset as described in the user manual


Sync = Sync lock
SHIFT + SYNC = Sync master.

Cue = Cue point
SHIFT + CUE = Return to beginning of loaded song.

Play = Play/Pause
SHIFT + Play = Cue Stutter.

Vinyl = Scratch On/Off (Default: ON)

PADS - Hot Cue:

Set and trigger Hot Cue 1-8
SHIFT + Pad = Delete Hot Cue 1-8.

PADS - Sample:

Trigger Sampler 1-4 (MODE 2 Samples)
Trigger Sampler 5-8 (MODE 4 Sample bank)

Loop Mode:

Loop X 1/2 = Half loop size
LOOP ON = Loop on/off (when you end looping playback resumes from end of loop).
SHIFT + LOOP ON = Set loop start at current point (or nearest beat, if “quantize” is active).
Loop X 2 = Double loop size.

Loop Encoder (Single mode) = Beatjump Half/Double
SHIFT + Loop Encoder (Single mode) = Move loop Forward/Backward by defined “beatjump_size” amount of beats

FX Mode:
FX 1-3 on/off
SHIFT + Pad = FX 1-3 Select
AIR FX = Activate AIR Control.

FX Encoder (Single mode) = FX dry/Wet
FX Encoder (Multi mode) = Simultaneous FX 1/2/3 Level FX
AIR Control = LOW Filter

Mic Button = Activate microphone input (in hardware).
Panel Button = Maximize/minimize library
Load/Prepare Button = AutoDJ On/Off

Cue Button = Switch monitor cue level to max.
Mix Button = Switch monitor cue mix to 50%.

Jog wheel LEDs:
White LEDs = Play position
Blue LEDs= Play status (rotation)

Other controls as labeled.

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