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Hercules/Guillemot DJ Console Series Controllers

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Welcome the Mixxx page for Hercules devices, Mixxx is the world's best free open source DJ software and the only one that runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (download Mixxx)… Hercules does not directly develop or support troubleshooting of Mixxx, so please direct questions/bugs encountered/comments/praise about Mixxx to the Mixxx community sites at the top of this page.

Mixxing into the Future

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Mixxx is always evolving, changing and getting better… Mixxx is powered by a handful of unpaid part-time developers we've got lots of plans and we are always looking for new contributions from all places.

Some of the things in the Mixxx pipeline (many of these things are in Trunk or branches):

  • Midi Script, midi input controls bound to user definable JavaScript functions [ Trunk ]
  • Shoutcast support [ Trunk, currently Linux and MinGW Win32 only ]
  • Real-time Sound FX processing via the LADSPA plug-in architecture [ Trunk - needs refactoring ]
  • Apple iTunes Plus/M4A support [ Trunk, currently Linux only ]
  • Library rewrite [ Features_sqlite branch ]
  • MIDI training UI to remap controls without manual editing XML files [ Trunk ]

Join us if you want to help!

Hercules Support

On Feb 16, 2009 - Hercules released GPL Linux MIDI drivers for their Hercules series of DJ midi controller devices. In response to this wonderful development, the Mixxx team released an updated build of Mixxx for Linux - 1.6.1+Herc. Thanks go out to Hercules for supporting their Linux users!

Note about Linux support: As of January 2011, the drivers available from the Hercules site are not functional out of the box with modern distributions (kernel > 2.6.30) and require patching. The Dj Console MP3 e2 is also not supported by those drivers (another patch required). Please refer to the thread below for further information:

Users of Hercules products on Windows and OSX will want to read the updating mapping files section to get the latest mapping files from the 1.6.1+Herc release and beyond. Mixxx 1.6.1 on non-Linux OSes can use these files.

as of Mixxx 1.11 several Hercules devices including the Dj Console Mk2 and Mk1 may be used as HID devices Without the need for the special hercules driver. see these threads in the forum:

to use a hid device in linux you must have read and write permission to the hid devices see details at this page:

What this Page Covers

The purpose of this document is to show how to configure Mixxx to user your Hercules device.

It also serves to show you how controls have been mapped to different or non-obvious functions in Mixxx, controls not listed here should behave as you would expect (i.e. Crossfader cross fades, Play - plays/pauses, etc). These mappings work with Hercules MIDI drivers for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. Untested mappings are based on MIDI code documentation in the Hercules manuals and have not yet been extensively validated by the Mixxx community. These are default mappings and can be changed by editing the XML mappings (click to see how), in future versions of Mixxx we will offer a configuration screen to train/retrain/remap this controls from within Mixxx.

Bracketed numbers indicate a control's position on the control diagrams. Controller diagrams are copyright of Hercules/Guillemot corporation.

Linux NOTE: To properly make use of Mixxx via the Hercules Linux MIDI drivers you will need a release of Mixxx 1.6.1+Herc (released in Feb 2009) or higher. Previous versions of Mixxx built for Linux will work with Hercules devices via libDJConsole but can not be remapped via the XML mappings.

Configuring Mixxx to use a Hercules MIDI driver

Linux NOTE: On Linux Mixxx version >= 1.6.1+Herc is required (1.6.1 is too old), you must also have compiled and installed the Hercules dkms kernel module into your Linux kernel


  1. Start Mixxx, open preferences panel (Ctrl+P).
  2. Select Input Controllers.
  3. Under Device find the MIDI entry for Hercules controller and select it, if it is not already selected → If you do not see a Hercules MIDI device then the driver is not properly loaded or the devices is not plugged in.
  4. Choose the Controller Mapping matching your Hercules device.

Hercules DJ Console MK2 and Hercules MP3 Control (Tested)

Note: Both the MP3 and MK2 controllers are mapped the same way, but have different configuration files, picking the wrong config file will result in some buttons failing to perform as indicated.

Hercules MP3/MK2 Controls
Control Default Mixxx Mapping
3 (3) Kill High
2 (3) Kill Mid
1 (3) Kill Low
FX/Cue/Loop (3) Reverse
Master Tempo Left Select Prev Track in List
Master Tempo Right Select Next Track in List
Left Joy Button (4) Load selected to Left Deck
Right Joy Button (4) Load selected to Right Deck
Autobeat (11) Sync
Joystick (4) Unmapped
Mic Functions Not Available in Mixxx

Hercules MK2 Controls - Mixxx 1.7 Additions
Control Default Mixxx Mapping
FX/Cue/Loop (3) MIDI Script: Select mode - EQ Kill/FX/Cue/Loop
FX/Cue/Loop LEDs (5) MIDI Script: Indicates current mode - None lit (the default) indicates EQ Kill mode
[EQ Kill mode] 3/2/1 (3) MIDI Script: Kill high/mid/low
[FX mode] 3/2/1 (3) MIDI Script: Toggle flanger on/off
[FX mode] 1 (3) + Pitch (2) MIDI Script: Adjust flanger Depth
[FX mode] 2 (3) + Pitch (2) MIDI Script: Adjust flanger Delay
[FX mode] 3 (3) + Pitch (2) MIDI Script: Adjust flanger LFO
Note for the MK2: Although selectable, cue and loop modes are currently unsupported pending the functionality being available in Mixxx

Hercules Dj Console Mk1

The Hercules Dj Console Mk1 does not work with the Hercules driver, but can be used as a hid device in mixxx 1.11 and up. see this link for a hid mapping: remember that you need permission to the HID devices:

the Dj Console Mk1 apears in the mixxx preferences as 3 separate devices, the first one is the controler, the second one is the joystick mouse(which is unuasble) and the third apears to do nothing.

enable the seccond device (the unusable joystick mouse) but do not load a mapping, this will stop it from interfering with your mouse pointer.

the pads on the Hercules Dj Console Mk1 lose responsiveness over time but can trivialy be cleaned to restore your controler to like new condition:

Hercules RMX (Tested)

Hercules DJ Control Steel (Tested)

Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 (Tested)

Updating Mapping Files

The most recent mapping files where included with Mixxx 1.7.0, released August 6th, 2009

==== On Windows ==== - Download the appropriate controller file to the Desktop - Open a run dialog - Win+R type “%ProgramFiles%\Mixxx\midi\” and hit Ok - Drag the file from Desktop to “%ProgramFiles%\Mixxx\midi\” folder window - Restart Mixxx ==== On OSX ==== - Download the appropriate controller file to the Desktop - Open in Finder (you can either go to your copy of Mixxx, right-click it, and click “Show Package Contents” and then navigate down, or run “open /Applications/”). - Drag the file from Desktop to folder window - Restart Mixxx ==== On Linux ==== Currently 1.6.1+Herc has these mapping files, however in future you can update them manually by following these steps: - Download the appropriate controller file to the Desktop - Open a terminal - type “sudo cp ~/Desktop/Hercules*.xml /usr/share/mixxx/midi/” - Restart Mixxx

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