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Creating a macOS X build worker

Creating a macOS build worker virtual machine is not a trivial task, so we outline the steps we took here for reference.

Proxmox VE hypervisor, AMD CPUs

We owe a large debt of gratitude to the following intrepid people who made this process much easier by doing most of the hard work:

These instructions apply to macOS X 10.11 and the QEMU/KVM-based Proxmox VE hypervisor/VM management software suite running on AMD Opteron CPUs.

  1. Create a macOS installation DVD image as instructed on Nicholas Sherlock's blog post but we'll need to add a few things to it.
  2. Download the following items from AMD OS X into a temporary folder:
    • Kernel matching the version of macOS you're installing
    • VoodooPState
    • Generic Extra
  3. Mount the DVD image you created above (see here for help doing so on Linux as it's not as easy as a regular disc image.)
  4. From the place you unzipped the above AMD OS X packages, copy the following to the DVD image:
    1. the kernel
      cp -R kernel /PATH-TO-MOUNTED-DVD/System/Library/Kernels/
    2. the Extra folder
      cp -R Extra /PATH-TO-MOUNTED-DVD/
    3. the kernel extensions
      cp -R *.kext /PATH-TO-MOUNTED-DVD/System/Library/Extensions/
  5. Unmount the image and continue with the steps on Nicholas' blog starting from transferring the ISO DVD image and Enoch boot loader to your Proxmox box.
  6. Continue following his instructions up to where the VM reboots itself after the first stage of installation.
  7. We need to do some post-install prep work to get the newly-installed system to boot. Boot back into the installer and follow the instructions in this AMD OS X post. Wherever he says “USB installer” read “DVD image”.
  8. At the end of that, when attempting to boot into the installed system image, if you experience a kernel panic “Unable to find a driver for this platform: ACPI”, reset the VM and try again using the boot parameter KernelBooter_kexts=Yes
  9. The system should now start successfully. Configure as desired.
  10. Make the kernel read-only with chmod -w /Volumes/HD-NAME/System/Library/Kernels/kernel so system updates don't overwrite it with a non-AMD-compatible one and cause a boot loop.
  11. Optional: download and install the VirtIO OSX network driver and change the network device on the VM from e1000 to VirtIO for optimal performance.
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