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Faderfox DJ44


Fully midi compliant controller, industrial style, built by hand in Hamburg, Germany by Mathias Fuchß. Compact style for mobile DJ-ing, the controller comes in its own carrying case. No jog wheels, scratching (kind of) and strip search can be done via encoders. The crossfader also is not initially built for scratching, as it runs pretty tight and slower (but precise). Default values for Deck, FX slots and global controls can be changed, so one can use two DJ44 devices side by side for 4 decks.


Every control is sending a midi note, so the basic mapping is easy. Javascript is needed for Loop section, scratching via encoders and perhaps for some LED.


v0.5: Basic mapping for Mixxx 2.0. is done via xml for essential functions and LED. Looping display does not work so far, changing loop size works via Shift+Button at the moment (encoder unused) and effects sections need more attention. Quick Filter button and LED is unused at the moment. Javascript mapping is needed for more comfort.


Mixxx 2.0

  • Javascript mapping for Loop section and display, scratching, VuMeter perhaps.
  • Understanding effect section and filtering and effects assigning (not so important for me originally)
  • Better nudging (progressive possible?)
  • Check 4 deck mode - what's nescessary for that?

Mixxx 2.1

  • Using new Component JS
  • Adapting effects section

Overview (what's working?)

Graphical overview comes later, let's say, in v1?


  • Play/Pause with LED (static or blinking - control commands are documented in xml)
  • Cue (Shift+Play)
  • Fast play forward/backward (grey buttons)
  • Nudging forward/backward (dark grey buttons) - but not progressive
  • Pitch up/down, Pitch reset (encoder push)
  • Key reset (at any Pitch rate, Shift plus encoder push)
  • Hotcues 1 to 8 (clear with Shift)
  • Sync button and LED (Shift unused so far)
  • Seek encoders (push unused, should be scratching later –> Javascript)


  • Crossfader
  • Line fader
  • Prelisten buttons and LED
  • unused: VuMeter (to solve, possibly Javascript)


  • Master volume
  • Headphones volume
  • Headphone mix


  • Tree browsing, open/close elements (encoder push)
  • Track browsing, loading in next stopped deck via push, load in Deck A or B (via black buttons under track browser)
  • Load track in previews section and start play (left black button above tree browser)
  • Toggle library maximizing (right black button above tree browser)
  • unused: Shift + tree and track browsing encoders, shift + black buttons above tree browser/under track browser


  • Deck Gain
  • High, Mid and Low EQ
  • Kill low and mid EQ with LED (Shift = mid)
  • unused: Pan knobs, shift + all buttons for effects

Effects, filters

Mixxx 2.0 - only first two racks are mapped. The whole sections needs more attention, since I don't use effects until today.

  • Quick filter knob
  • unused: button and LED for Quick filter (possibly: LED for effect loaded?)
  • Switch effect rack on/off
  • Next effect in Rack (Reset button used)
  • Activate effect for Master output (button 1)
  • Activate effect for Headphone output (button 2)
  • Dry/wet knob, parameter knobs 1 to 3, parameter 4 must be done via mouse
  • unused: FX assing buttons and LED (todo, what could they do…)


  • Loop in and out
  • Double and halve loop lengt (Shift plus in/out)
  • Start/Stop loop with LED (static or blinking - control commands are documented in xml)
  • Move loop forward/backward via Shift + dark gray transport buttons
  • unused: Loop encoder, loop encoder push, Shift + loop encoder push, loop display –> Javascript)
link will vanish, when graphical mapping chart is available here
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