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 ==== Compatibility ==== ==== Compatibility ====
-  * Mac users should be just fine connecting the MC7000 and go. +  ​* **Mac** users should be just fine connecting the MC7000 and go. 
-  * Windows users need to install the Windows Driver from [[https://​​downloads|Denon Download Site]]. +  ​* **Windows** users need to install the Windows Driver from [[https://​​downloads|Denon Download Site]]. 
-  * Linux users need to know that the internal ​sound device ​is not available out-of-the-box ​until Linux Kernel 5.5.3You may just use a different audio interface and do without the MC7000 internal audio interface ​or read on [[denon_mc7000#​appendixlinux_kernel|how to patch your Kernel]].+  ​* **Linux** users need to know that the MC7000 ​internal ​audio interface ​is not available out-of-the-box ​for older Linux Kernels. You should upgrade your **Kernel** to minimum versions LTS: **4.19.105** or **5.4.21**, stable branch **5.5.5** or current **5.6** (valid at date 2020-02-19). Newer Kernels will surely also provide native audio support for this controller.
 ===== Mapping ===== ===== Mapping =====
-To get the mapping just download the *.xml and the *.js file from the forum or here:+To get the mapping just download ​both, the *.xml and the *.js file from the forum or here:
   *[[https://​​forums/​download/​file.php?​id=2807|Denon MC7000 Mapping *.xml file]]   *[[https://​​forums/​download/​file.php?​id=2807|Denon MC7000 Mapping *.xml file]]
   *[[https://​​forums/​download/​file.php?​id=2808|Denon MC7000 Mapping *.js file]]   *[[https://​​forums/​download/​file.php?​id=2808|Denon MC7000 Mapping *.js file]]
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 To check out my performances with this MC7000 using MIXXX please visit me on [[http://​​DJ_OsZ/​uploads/​|Mixcloud]] or [[http://​​osz/​|]]. To check out my performances with this MC7000 using MIXXX please visit me on [[http://​​DJ_OsZ/​uploads/​|Mixcloud]] or [[http://​​osz/​|]].
-A new Website for our DJ Team @ [[http://​|Techno Connection UK Underground fm]] is also online.+Listen 24/7 to Techno shows (recorded and live) directly on our website ​[[http://​|Techno Connection UK Underground fm]] or at [[https://​​listen/​techno-connection/​|Radio Garden]].
-===== Appendix: Linux Kernel ===== 
-Knowing this is a WIKI site for the controller but to get it working with Linux I wanna provide you some information here... ​ 
-1) Good News: there is a patch available for the 5.5.2 and 5.5.3 Kernel. It is possibly also working with older Kernels but I only tried the 2 mentioned. I can state though that for 5.4.18 it failed to patch. 
-2) Better news: The patch goes upstream so newer Kernels will support the Denon devices out-of-the-box in the future. As soon it is implemented I gonna give the Kernel version number here. 
-3) How to apply the patch using Ubuntu based distributions like all flavours of Ubuntu, Mint, KDE Neon etc.: 
-  * create a folder named "​Kernel"​ in your home directory. 
-  * download the zipped [[https://​​forums/​download/​file.php?​id=2816|patch]] and extract the file into the "​Kernel"​ directory. 
-  * download the [[https://​​|Kernel source]] into the "​Kernel"​ folder and unpack the file as user. A new sub-folder, e.g. "​linux-5.x.x"​ is generated. 
-  * open a terminal and move into the new generated "​~/​Kernel/​linux-5.x.x"​ folder 
-  * apply the patch using following command 
-    * patch -p1 < ../​0001-ALSA-usb-audio-Add-clock-validity-quirk.patch ​ 
-  * now copy the existing running kernel configuration to the new one with 
-    * cp /​boot/​config-`uname -r` .config ​ 
-  * and apply the developers recommendation to all new changes for the newer kernel with 
-    * yes ""​ | make oldconfig ​ 
-  * now build the kernel with  
-    * make -j $(nproc) 
-  * and install 
-    * sudo make modules_install 
-    * sudo make install 
-  * reboot your machine and select the new kernel in Grub boot menu.  
-  * you should have got working sound out of your Denon now! 
-  * When the new kernel is installed you are save to remove the complete ~/Kernel directory. 
-  * to remove all installed kernel items just do: 
-    * locate -b -e *5.x.x* | xargs -p sudo rm -r 
-      * remark: *5.x.x* indicates the kernel version to delete (change to your version) 
-      * **important:​** the command will list all items to be deleted and ask for confirmation - **check before confirming**. There should only be items in /boot , /​lib/​modules and /​var/​lib/​initramfs-tools/​. Adjust the "​locate"​ search string accordingly if needed. 
-    * sudo update-grub 
-Disclaimer: The method described here is tested using Ubuntu 16.04 and mentioned as guidance only. You are solely responsible for your system and if you are unsure then consult your Distro documentation. If you are very uncertain about compiling or deleting the kernel then better just wait until the patch is available upstream. PS: You can always contact me for help. 
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