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 /​usr/​share/​mixxx/​skins/​NewSkin /​usr/​share/​mixxx/​skins/​NewSkin
-Note that you may get permission ​error while copying, +Note that you may get permission ​errors ​while copying, 
-make sure you have root privileges+make sure you have root privileges
 +Another method would be to backup the official skins, 
 +then create a link '​skins'​ to a regular user folder there. 
 +This allows to simply put new skins into ~/​Downloads/​newMixxxSkins 
 +without having to worry about root. 
 +sudo mv /​usr/​share/​mixxx/​skins/​ /​usr/​share/​mixxx/​skins_backup/​ 
 +sudo ln -s /​home/​yourUserName/​Downloads/​newMixxxSkins /​usr/​share/​mixxx/​skins/​
 Windows Windows
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